Do You Wish You Knew the Secret to Finding Great Men?

You go out with your girlfriends and sometimes, you see a great guy across the room but once you meet him, he turns out to be a loser – a player. After a few of those, you might not even trust your abilities to find a guy! It seems as if the dating world is made up of users and losers and you’ve met them all! I understand!

There is good news! Finding great men isn’t as difficult as it might seem and drawing in a great guy is easy when you learn what I’ve got to teach you!

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The gems I have for you next are not really a secret. Read by thousands of women already, these books can help you in your quest to find Mr. Right.

The Social Tigress is your guide book to success in the dating scene. You’re about to enter my dating boot camp for women! I am going to push you to try new things and venture into new areas! I’m going to show you where the good guys are hanging out and then I’m going to give you the tools to get them to notice you! When I’m done with you, you will be comfortable in any social scene and you will be choosing men, not waiting to be chosen!

If you want to try your luck at online dating, I’ve got a great book for you! Love is in the Mouse, my online dating book, is updated frequently to stay current with today’s online dating environment. This is the book you need if you’re interested in getting into the dating scene. I take you, step by step, through creating your profile and getting online, but we don’t stop there! I also help you get things offline and help you through your first few meetings with a new man!

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I have a few more gems for you, hidden in Secret 3. In your quest to find Mr. Right, it’s crucial that you understand men! Men and women view dating and relationships in very different ways. Without the knowledge of those differences, you might feel your relationship isn’t going anywhere when, in truth, it’s exactly on course!

Of course, no effort to understand men would be complete without To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man! Women tend to over-complicate how the male mind works. You give us way too much credit many times and not enough credit at other times. In To Date a Man, I give you the secret man code. I teach you how to understand his words and actions and what words and actions you need to use to get his attention! What could be better?

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How about 10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men? This book goes deeper into explaining the things most important to men – things like money, status, career, competition and appreciation, just to name a few. In most cases, men and women view these things in very different ways. In this best-seller, I teach you how to solve your problems with men, using their very own tactics.

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Next, before you enter the dating scene, it’s crucial that you read Weed Out the Users, the Couch Potatoes and the Losers. I wrote this book because I am tired of watching men take advantage of women! Players are smooth. They sit back and observe, then they go in for the kill. You probably don’t even know they’re watching you, but they are. They’re watching to see if you’re a good candidate to fall for their line of bull. The problem is you want a relationship but they just want to get laid. They enjoy the challenge of seeing how quickly they can get you into bed, then they move on. Losers are a bit different in that they usually think they want to be in a relationship when, in truth, they’re not really in the right place emotionally. These are your guys who keep stringing you along with lots of promises but no follow-through. These guys can drag a woman along for years if she isn’t aware of his game.

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And finally, one more secret gem before I send you on to Secret 4. Power Texting Men, one of my best selling books, will help you understand why your man texts you back hours after you send him a message and why his message is 5 words or less while you send him an entire book. Texting confusion leads to many relationship issues which can easily be avoided with proper coaching.

Power Texting Men not only explains to you why he texts like he does, but it helps you text him in a way which will elicit a response in a more timely manner. It also helps you text like a man, which will appeal to him and make him want to respond. Texting men isn’t really complicated, but it’s definitely different than texting your girlfriends! Learn the difference in this book!

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The fourth secret is a biggie! The Man Whisperer is the quintessential course to help women understand men! This course digs deep into the male psyche and gives you all of the tools you need to become a man whisperer yourself! You’ve probably heard me say that women over-complicate men but it’s true. You gives us way too much credit most of the time – credit for thinking about something we probably should be thinking about (but we’re not); credit for feeling the same things you’re feeling; credit for placing the same value on a relationship.

In The Man Whisperer, I help you learn how to simplify the inner workings of the male mind. Did you know, for example, that men have no idea what relationship milestones are? You’re tallying up milestones which indicate, to you, that the relationship is advancing as you feel it should. Meanwhile, men are just having fun, clueless to your tallying, clueless to the things we are doing, quite innocently, that you are reading as the relationship becoming more serious.

All of a sudden, *poof* a man is gone and you’re left clueless as to what happened. No more! When you become a man whisperer, you are no longer surprised by the actions of a man, in fact, you’re expecting them!

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