Want to Be a Man Magnet? Following These 3 Steps

Hey, Tiffany here! We’ve all known at least one Chick Magnet — from the guy ALL the girls had a crush on in high school to the distinguished older gentleman at the nursing home who makes every lady in the joint swoon – they do exist. It’s an undeniable fact. Some guys just ooze attraction. He may not always be the most handsome, have the biggest muscles, or drive the nicest car, but there is just something about him. What about us? Is there such a thing as a woman who oozes attraction? And if so, how do you become a guy magnet? Good news – Guy Magnets do exist! Better news – it’s not difficult to learn. The secret to drawing men is this simple: it’s all about confidence. Did you ever have a friend who was not as pretty as you, but for some reason she stole the attention of every guy in the room, much to your dismay? Did you ever see a solid 5 walking hand in hand with an absolute 10 and wonder, how did that happen? Did you ever meet a man who was not at all your personality type, but ten minutes into the conversation you suddenly become VERY attractive to him? You can thank confidence.
How to become a guy magnet

Love yourself and others will too!

Sure a great body and a beautiful face will get you dates, but most men — and women — can see past the superficial very quickly. Giving off an apprehensive vibe and insecure body language can make a 10 become a zero in no time. When you are unsure of yourself, it shows, and it’s a definite turn off. Instead of shining, you fall flat. What can you do to change things and become the belle of the ball? No magic wand is going to do that for you. You have to decide to make the change yourself, by adjusting your outlook and attitude.

Become a Guy Magnet Step 1: Love Yourself

I’m not saying you should boast about how amazing you are to every man you meet. That’s not going to help you win dates and influence people, but if you love yourself, it WILL show and others will love you too. Loving yourself means looking inward and appreciating what is good about YOU. Cut yourself some slack about your perceived imperfections, and feel comfortable in your own shoes. Stop putting yourself last. Make time for yourself, mind, body and soul. Banish negative thoughts, and focus on the positive. After all, no one will love you if you don’t love yourself.

Step 2: Be True To Yourself

To become a guy magnet, trying to act like something or someone you are not is never a good thing. If anything, it just shows you lack confidence. And the truth WILL catch up with you in the end. So save yourself time and heartaches and just be YOU! You have your own hobbies and interests so do what you love, surround yourself with people who accept you as is, and be seen for the amazing person you are! Not the fake person who pretends to be something she’s not. When in doubt, be true to yourself.

Step 3: Value Yourself

Boston’s top dating coach, Gregg Michaelsen, believes there is nothing more attractive than confidence. You are a woman of value who can have her pick of men. All you need to do is believe it. Boost your feelings of self-worth by throwing yourself into work you love, and activities which help you feel good about yourself and your talents. Do this and you will be the ultimate man magnet – guys will love you! Think about all the things you do to help people, your achievements, and all your strengths as an individual. Surround yourself with friends and family who support you and love you unconditionally. Trust your intuition and wisdom, it won’t steer you wrong. Now you know the secret to becoming a Guy Magnet. No one changes overnight, but if you work on building your confidence you will notice a difference in the way people perceive you, and before you know it, it will be you who steals the attention of all the guys in the room! So tell me, who holds the cards now? Love yourself, be true to yourself and value yourself and the right man will follow!

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