Rules for Writing a Blog Post

Who Holds the Cards is Ranked #42 on Feedspot making the “Top Dating Blogs for 2018.” My team and I welcome your blog posts!

Of course, we do have a few rules we need you to follow and I have those posted below. If you would like to submit a post, please follow the rules below and click here to submit your post.

Rule #1: Please be an Established Blogger

While I welcome your post, I do require you to be an established blogger. I will be looking at your posts to make sure your content works with the content on my site.

Rule #2: Post Details

Your post must be between 500 and 1200 words long. This should allow you enough space to provide my readers with detailed information about your topic. You should choose one topic and get in-depth about it. The content you present should be unique. I will be putting it through copyspace to make sure it fits this criteria. Your post should contain a brief bio.

Rule #3: Links

In your bio, you may use one or two links. These can be to your website, your blog, your Facebook page or Twitter handle, etc. Within your blog post, you can use external links. These links should enhance your post and will be external to your site. Think of them as references.

All links will be checked to ensure they aren’t spammy sites.

Rule #4: Quality Content that is Relevant

Blog posts with spelling or grammar mistakes won’t be accepted. They need to be submitted in English.

All posts should be unique and relate to the topic of dating/relationship/confidence advice for women. This is a female-specific website and as such, we only accept posts which provide advice to women relating to confidence building, dating, and relationships.

Rule #5: Content Ownership

All content posted on the Who Holds the Cards website is the property of Who Holds the Cards and Confidence Builder LLC. As such, it cannot be republished or rewritten and posted elsewhere. Feel free, however, to send other readers to your post.

Rule #6: Commenting

If your article is accepted and posted, you will be notified of the posting date. It is your responsibility to reply to comments on your post so you will need to check in on your post.


If you place a photo, it needs to either be a purchased photo, one you downloaded from a free site or your own photo. Please cite the source of your photo. You can also submit a bio photo of yourself for the post. This should be a headshot type of photo. Photos with nudity will not be accepted.

Final Notes:

All posts submitted will be reviewed but not all posts will be added to our blog. You will be notified by me or my team as to the status of your post. If we accept your post, we will give you a publication date. If we don’t accept your post, you are free to modify it and resubmit, provided it meets the criteria above.

While it isn’t required, we would appreciate it if you would link back to our site, either by linking to your own article or in another way. This way, we’re helping each other.

Thank you for your interest in posting on Who Holds the Cards Now! I look forward to reading your submission!

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