You’ve FINALLY Found a Great Guy! How do You Keep Him?

I get many emails telling me women feel they don’t need my help any longer because they’ve found a great guy! While I’m thrilled for them, I also know that finding a great guy isn’t enough! Keeping a great guy can be just as challenging if you don’t have the right tools! Lucky for you, I’ve got those tools! I can help you affair-proof your relationship!

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In this section of your toolbox, I’ve got a couple of great books! If your guy is being a little lazy, maybe taking you for granted, you need to start your journey to keep him with Who Holds the Cards Now? I wrote this book specifically to get your guy off his lazy butt and re-engage him in your relationship.

Inside this book is your kryptonite! I’ve laid it all out for you – your steps to get your guy back on track.

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The next tool I have for you is what I like to call relationship insurance! Pennies in the Jar are moments, experiences and shared events that occur between you and your guy. These pennies are usually simple things like date nights or shared hobbies but they shouldn’t be overlooked because of their simplicity.

Relationships get stale and men get bored. When men get bored, they look for the challenge and excitement of the new relationship. If you don’t supply that for them, they will go out and find it. That’s why I call this book relationship insurance! Everything you need to know about shoring up your relationship is contained within the pages of this book!

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No effort to keep a man would be complete without information on understanding men. Women often misread the signals men send out, basically because we’re wired so differently that you can’t help it. Why would you understand? You’re not a man!

In my best seller, To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man, I help you understand the differences between men and women and how they love. You will learn how to enter what I like to call man mode. In man mode, you are using the behaviors of a man to your advantage by turning them on him! For example, if an argument is sure to begin, man mode tells you to grab your purse and go shopping or go hang out with your friends, rather than stand there and battle it out, and to do it calmly, without emotion. That’s what he would do, right? And it would drive you crazy, right? You do it first and see what happens when you return!

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After understanding men, it’s time to learn the 10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men. This book not only takes a deep dive into understanding men but it gives you the tools you need to solve your problems with men. In To Date a Man, I said you would use man mode to turn the tables on your guy. In 10 Secrets, you learn even more! Your guy will snap right back in line when you begin using these secrets in your relationship!

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