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I write dating advice books for women to help you solve your relationship and dating problems. I have more than 1,500 reviews from women like you who say my advice works! My books help you:

  • Understand men and why men act the way they do
  • Counteract this bad behavior by treating men like their friends do
  • Develop the knowledge and understanding to keep a good guy in your life once you’ve found him!
  • Build yourself so great men will feel lucky to be chosen by you! No longer are you grateful to be chosen by them! You are the chooser!

First You Must Understand Men

relationship advice booksBefore you can enter the dating world with any confidence at all, you need to understand men. The best tools you have for that are right inside the covers of two of my best-selling dating advice books for women.

To Date A Man, You Must Understand A Man. Could the title be any clearer? This book sells like gangbusters – over 500 reviews and a 4.6 star rating confirm that. That’s because this is the roadmap to the male mind. The title sums it up. Between the covers of this book, you will find:

  • The best communication method for dealing with men – Man Mode
  • The meaning behind why your guy behaves the way he does in certain situations
  • That men love in different ways from women – this eliminates a lot of your frustration
  • A no-fail formula for attracting great men

After you’ve read that, you must read 10 Secrets You Need To Know About Men. This book is understanding men on steroids! You get to uncover 12 ingredients all men have built in as they grow up. Understanding these ingredients gives you the power to counteract the behavior that comes with them. This dating advice book is great for you because it:

  • Explains why men get spooked and bolt from seemingly great relationshipsbooks about love and relationships
  • Uncovers the main reasons why men have difficulty sharing their emotions with you
  • Delivers a real explanation on why some men cannot commit
  • Gives you the true reason why men want to hang out with their buddies more than with you

Men aren’t nearly as complex as you think. These two books help you uncomplicate the male mind while giving you the tools you need to counteract male behavior and get the relationship you want! The final book I want to share with you to help you understand men is Manimals, which was named by one of my readers! I love involving you when I can!

I had some fun writing Manimals because I got to describe different types of men, whether they’re datable or not and how to date them when they are. Because that didn’t seem like enough, I then profiled several types of women and paired them up. Now, you can identify which type of woman you are and learn which type of man might be the best fit for you!

best dating booksIn addition to these different types of men and women, the second half of the book contains:

  • Explanations on why you are dating the wrong type of guy now
  • An in-depth study of what I like to call the Relationship Train To Failure
  • 15 things every woman needs to know about men
  • My best-ever discussion on what challenge and mystery are, why they’re important and how to use both to your advantage!

The Hot Topic: How To Get Your Ex Back Fast

This topic is the most emotional one I write about and I’m sorry to say it’s wildly popular. I wish it weren’t. Most of the coaching I do, many of the emails I receive and a lot of the One Question questions I get come from women who are in terrible despair, having just lost a boyfriend. It’s heart-breaking. If you’re suffering from this same loss, How To Get Your Ex Back Fast is your must-read!women in love book

Not only is the book great but inside it is a FREE WORKBOOK to enhance your learning experience. This dating advice book teaches you techniques that work! While most online dating coaches tell you to go no contact, I do no contact with a twist. In addition to my unique no contact rule, I teach you techniques such as:

  • Writing him a goodbye letter – and sending it
  • Reminding him of great times you’ve had together to tweak his emotions
  • How you can keep on his radar screen without talking to him – tweak his need to win
  • Making him question the breakup

I know you feel all is lost. You’ve probably been angry-texting him and blowing up his voicemail and email with your anger and frustration. All of that emotion stops today. Today we get to work – today we begin the journey to get him back!

Dating Advice Books for Women – To Help You Find A Guy

Because I give my email address in every book, I hear from and answer women every day. One of the biggest questions they ask me is “Gregg, Where ARE all of the great men? Why do I always seem to find the bottom of the barrel?”

This is a valid question but let’s examine the answer in a quick but careful way. You date loser one – loser one dumps you or vice versa. You date losers 2, 3, 4 and on. All of these relationships end, sometimes badly, usually with your confidence a little lower than before the relationship started.

The common denominator in this cycle of losers and endings is you. That’s great news actually because you are the only one we can work on! We can’t change those guys – we can’t change anyone but you. That’s why each of my dating advice books written to help you find a guy includes some tools for you to increase your confidence.

Improve Your Dating Game And Find A Great Guy

When I coach women on finding a great guy, one suggestion I always make is to date several men and to date more than one man at once. I guarantee you that the men you meet are not dating just you, not at first anyway.

lady looking for loveThe Social Tigress is the first dating advice book I wrote to help women find a great guy. Reading this book and using all of the tools provided will help you find and date more great men. A social tigress is a woman who is choosing men, she isn’t sitting there waiting to be chosen! Inside The Social Tigress, you will learn to:

  • Define who you really are
  • Decide the type of man you really want to date
  • Uncover and chase your passions while you date incredible men
  • Find great guys where they’re really hanging out

If you pair The Social Tigress with Night Moves, you have a complete method for not only finding but attracting a great guy. The really fun part is that the science behind Night Moves is solid and proven. The tools in this dating advice book often make the guy think he picked you up instead of the other way around. It’s fine to keep that to best relationship advice booksyourself! Reading Night Moves will help you:

  • Know exactly what to wear when you go out to attract great men
  • Understand the five scientifically determined steps that must occur in order for love to happen
  • Become a body language pro so you can understand the signals he’s subconsciously sending
  • Use similarities to draw him in

If you are a woman over 40, don’t feel left out. I wrote a book just for you. Your needs are different. You’ve probably either been in a relationship for a while, but now you’re single, or you’ve been focused on your career for a while and avoiding the dating scene. Middle Aged And Kickin’ It was written to help you address the challenges of dating over 40. The tools you find inside this book includes tools to:

  • Manage the baggage that comes with past failed relationships
  • Understand how to get your dating confidence back after years out of the dating scene
  • Clearly understand when it’s time to date again
  • Know where and how to look for great men
  • Help you have fun dating, not look toward it with dread

If online dating is your bag, I’ve got two great online dating advice books for you! The online dating world is huge and millions of men and women are using various websites and apps to find one another. This means your competition pool is large! If online dating is for you, you need to check out Love Is In The Mouse, my first online dating book for women. Inside this book, you will get:

  • Top-notch online dating tips to help you weed out losers
  • How to write a great profile and post the pics men will like
  • Techniques to entice him to reply to your emails
  • Tips on how to find the single men who really want long-term relationships

An excellent companion to Love Is In The Mouse is my updated online dating book, Love Is In The Mouse 2017. This book is different online dating tips for womenbecause:

  • You get in-depth profile writing tips – the ones you’re always emailing me for
  • A true BS detector so you can avoid the catfish out there and snag men with good intentions instead
  • It will help you stand out amongst your competition
  • You will learn about the latest online dating apps and uncover which might be good for you

Know How To Choose A Great Guy

I would not be doing you a service if I didn’t provide you with tools to Weed Out The Users, The Couch Potatoes And The Losers. These guys are smooth and many of you fall for their great looks and unwavering charm! The problem is that it’s the smooth ones you often want to avoid! Not only do I go more in-depth on that topic, but you’ll learn:

  • Patterns of behavior for users (players), losers, snoozers and of course, Mr. Right
  • Tools to help you dump a user or loser if you’ve already got one and methods to turn the snoozer into Mr. Right
  • Why you choose the wrong men and how to choose the right ones instead!
  • The (un)importance of milestones to men and why you need to stop using them in your relationships

Dating Advice Books To Keep A Great Man

Once you use all of the information I’ve provided you to find a great guy, you want to be sure to keep him! This can be where your mistakes can begin, if you’re not careful. The truth is that a great guy wants to keep you too so the tools I provide in these books are tools he will be most receptive to.

Inspire A Man To Chase You With Your Texting!

Men are wired to chase women but one quick way women kill this inclination is with their texting. Men and women communicate very differently. This probably isn’t a newsflash for you. Women text like they talk – in long, descriptive bursts. Men text like they talk – few words, little to no emotion and in their own time, not yours.

Text Him This, Not That clears of a lot of the mystery behind texting men! It will help you not only inspire him to keep chasing you, but it will often get him to respond faster!

Learn Top Communication Skills

The first thing you must understand is communication. I think we can all agree that communication is key in successful relationships. Communication has two basic forms in our world today – via technology or in person. You’re either emailing, calling, texting or talking.

If you’re texting, Power Texting Men is a must-read. Many communication errors women make happen in texting. It’s not your fault. You’re a woman and you text like a woman. What Power Texting Men teaches you is how to text like a man so he will be more receptive to your messages. You’ll learn techniques to:

  • Keep him excited about your next date
  • Avoid the main texting blunders women make
  • Be witty and interesting while still being brief in your texts
  • Get him to plan a date with you – all the while thinking it was his idea to begin with

Because communication is so important, I felt compelled to write Power To Communicate. This is a book written for both men and women. You’ve spent all of this time building your confidence and searching for Mr. Right. Don’t lose out now by using poor communication skills. Inside Power To Communicate, you learn:

  • How to communicate with someone so both of your needs are met
  • Effective listening skills – a communication skill most of us lack
  • Diffuse any situation with the proper communication tools
  • Improve all of your relationships by learning to communicate with someone on their terms, in their ‘language’

Keep Your Great Guy!

A great man isn’t hard to find or hard to keep if you know how to do it! In my first dating advice book, Who Holds The Cards Now, I help women diffuse potentially negative situations with techniques that work! Inside this book is what I call Kryptonite. Kryptonite consists of five powerful techniques you can begin using as soon as you read about them. books on dating and relationshipsThis book contains tools to help you:

  • See an immediate, noticeable change in his behavior
  • Build his attraction for you – again
  • Get him to make more plans with you, less with his friends
  • Solve your relationship issues without whining, complaining or getting emotional

Keeping your great guy involves not only correcting his negative behaviors but also putting what I like to call Pennies In The Jar. These pennies are the little bits of relationship insurance you build each time you and your guy do something together to build your intimacy and relationship. Adding pennies to your jar is as simple as:

  • Sharing a mutual hobby with him – your hobby, his hobby or a combination of both
  • Scheduling regular date nights –a must for any successful relationship
  • Managing your emotions and understanding his
  • Learning to fight fair with one another

Some people engage in long distance relationships. Whether it’s due to where or how they met or their job restrictions, they must spend the vast majority of their time apart. If this is you, Committed To Love, Separated By Distance, is your must read! While the other dating advice books will help you manage your relationship while you’re together, this one helps you keep things moving while you’re apart. This book helps you:

  • Determine how much contact is enough when you’re apart
  • Stay busy when you’re apart so you don’t obsess
  • Keep things hot when you’re not together
  • Save money so you can get together more often

Dating Advice Books for Women To Build Yourself So He Will Come

All of the above books contain elements of building your self-confidence but their main goal is either to help you understand men, find a guy, keep a guy or get your ex back. These books are specifically written to help you build yourself. The all focus on different things and reading each of them can benefit you greatly, regardless of your confidence level.

Get In Touch With Your Inner You

best dating books for womenI have a question for you. Do you Live Like You’re Dying? Do you live your life as if you have unlimited days to do things or do you live as if tomorrow could be your last? I don’t mean to be morbid or anything but if you start thinking of your life as a finite thing, instead of infinite, you begin to re-prioritize. This book is a great tool to help you:

  • Identify the perfect day
  • Design your vision for your life and work toward making it real
  • Learn why you don’t need, and shouldn’t even have a Plan B for your life
  • Learn to love and take care of yourself

I am passionate about all of the books I write, but this one is different. This is a book I wanted to write for a long time. This motivational book contains many of the tools and techniques I believe truly help you become a woman with a high level of confidence and self-esteem.

Once you learn to Live Like You’re Dying, you can gain the tools to Own Your Tomorrow. When you own your tomorrow, you begin to put yourself first, at least sometimes. Owning your tomorrow means:

  • Creating and using a chick retreat – the female equivalent to the man cavedating advice books for women
  • Simplifying and cleansing your current environment
  • Fixing your eyes on the future and focusing on being a more positive person
  • Living outside your comfort zone

When you Own Your Tomorrow, you are preparing yourself for the best love affair of your life. Once you prepare yourself, this book has some additional tools to help you keep the guy you find!

Survive Your Last Negative Breakup

Up at the top of this page, I mentioned my best-selling book How To Get Your Ex Back Fast, which is a great book for a woman who wants her guy back but what if you don’t want him back? In He’s Gone, Now What?, I work on explaining the multi-faceted reaction you’re having to this breakup. No breakup is easy on you, physically or dating advice books for womenemotionally, regardless of whether you initiated it or he did. This book contains Survival Tactics which help you:

  • Understand what’s going on inside you – physically and mentally – you’re not going crazy
  • Learn how to process all of the emotions and stages of grief you’re experiencing
  • Uncover the pattern behind your past negative relationship patterns and make a course correction
  • Come out of this breakup on the other side – happy, healthy and ready to date great men!

Build Yourself So He Will Come

Sometimes, it’s just necessary to focus on building your confidence. Relationships end, things happen in our childhood and life sometimes just delivers a smack-down. Regardless of how it happens, the result is the same – your self-esteem and confidence dip lower with each incident.

The result of all of this is a lot of negative self-talk. Your inner game becomes your own worst enemy. You begin to tell yourself you’re too fat, your nose is too long, your eyes are too slanted or a host of other similar things and the more you tell yourself those things, the more you believe it.

In order to improve your inner game, you need to get Comfortable In Your Own Shoes. To help you accomplish this, this book:

  • Helps you understand where your inner game is now and helps you make immediate improvements
  • Shows you why you need to engage in active goal setting and teaches you how
  • Give you tools to envision your life how you want it to be and go for it
  • Create a game plan and overcome self-defeating behavior at the same time

Comfortable In Your Own Shoes is a confidence workbook written specifically for women. It addresses your unique needs as a female and helps guide you to a brighter, more positive life where you recognize that you are a woman who deserves a great man!

In an effort to help you understand the need to become a self-confident woman, I wrote a book called To Date A Man, You Must Understand Yourself. It addresses the polar opposite of To Date A Man, You Must Understand A Man. This book is different than my others. In this book I told a story of two different woman and their journeys to self-discovery. You will learn:

  • Why men choose some women to marry and some to use as hookups
  • The characteristics you need to develop to become a confident woman
  • Understand the science behind positive thinking and how to implement it in your own life
  • All about yourself with ten targeted exercises

These are some of the best dating advice books for women! For the price of a cup of coffee you can revitalize your love life with Gregg’s unorthodox wisdom.

See you on the inside!