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Are you considering a long distance relationship or are you in one now?

Is your future a concern? Is trust an issue?

If this is you, then this long distance relationship book is FOR you!

Get all of the tools you need to make your relationship a success and help predict your odds. Then, I will provide you with valuable resources to help you stay in contact and tell you how much contact is enough.

Today’s technology makes LDRs incredibly viable!

I have provided you with things to do to keep busy while you’re not together as well as some different ways of keeping the romance alive, like a Skype date! I also have some tips on saving money so you can get together more often!

This long distance relationship book also will:

  • Help you define your relationship
  • Assist in setting boundaries
  • Define the ‘end game’ by setting up where, how and when you will get together
  • Provide you with more than 60 topics of discussion to keep things fresh
  • Give you a list of more than 20 activities you can do together
  • Help you understand how men think!

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Long gone are the days of waiting for a letter or a phone call!

It’s time to get EXCITED about your LDR!

If you are in a Long Distance Relationship or might have one soon enough, then this book is definitely for you.
I’ve came across different books regarding LDR, but this one really got me thinking about what I have right now and what I can look forward to in the near the future. Two Thumbs Up Gregg! —Roy

A lot of brilliant ideas, great book for long distance relationship couples. Definitely five stars. Also, I got a personal kind reply from Gregg, very useful as well. –WeiChun

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