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We asked your opinions and, as usual, you responded! You, my lovely readers, have helped us design Discover U.

What IS Discover U?

Discover U is our response to our own desire to help more women. We feel very limited in being able to help many of you. A simple email or two often just isn’t enough to really help you through a rough patch.

Discover U is a club, just for women, designed to help you, my faithful readers, uncover the wonderful woman who lies inside and to ultimately understand both yourself and men in a much more meaningful way.

How Does it Work?

Discover U delivers weekly lessons designed to help you either learn more about yourself or about men. We keep the group size limited to about a dozen women at a time so we can get to know you and truly help you through the lessons.

Currently, the course includes 4 components: Personal Development Plan, Mirror Mirror, Write Your Story and Understanding Men. Details will soon be available. We will be adding other components as Discover U evolves! You get free books, membership to an exclusive Facebook Group where we chat and do Facebook Live on a weekly basis and MUCH MORE! Stay tuned for more information!

It’s Available! Love is in the Mouse 2017!

You loved the original Love is in the Mouse, and now it’s time for an updated version! I’ve added a lot of new information and two great (and free) downloads! In this 2017 version, you will find new help selecting the right type of guy for you, the latest information on what kinds of photos to use, which words help your profile and which ones hurt it!

You will also get some fantastic examples of profiles to help you write the best online profile! You will get help with the latest online lingo and figuring out whether or not a guy is a scammer. I’ve got you all set up for online dating success in 2017! Love is in The Mouse 2017 is live NOW!

Gregg Michaelsen – Confidence Builder

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Build Yourself and He Will Come!

That’s all you need and that’s all he does! Gregg Michaelsen, Boston’s top dating coach, can now also be described as Boston’s top confidence builder! Gregg’s dozen-plus best sellers, many #1 best sellers, which have an overtone of helping men and women succeed in the dating and relationship arena, truly help readers build their confidence to new heights.

“Gregg Michaelsen has taken the dating advice for women genre by storm and he has the reviews to prove it!” – TV ad running around the country

“Our confidence takes little hits all of the time. At some point, you have to shore things up again”, says Gregg about his focus on helping his readers boost their confidence. Gregg’s writing has slowly been taking a slight turn toward motivation and confidence, but dating advice for women and understanding men is always in the forefront. Gregg has taken his writing to new heights by adding new audiences. Gregg recently released two teen books, The Building of a Confident Teen and Winning at the Game of Teen Life. Additionally, Gregg is in the process of publishing his second co-ed book, as mentioned above. The Power to Communicate follows Live Like You’re Dying in the co-ed series.


Dating tips for women

TV Ad running all over the country!

To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man Goes Live in L.A.

L.A. got to see a glimpse of Gregg’s #1 Best Seller, To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man, in this 60 second ad.

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NYC video shoot!

The Experts Discuss Talking about How Many Partners You’ve Been With

Gregg and dating experts, Helen Fisher, Fiona Fine, and Jasbina Ahluwalia in this 6-minute insightful conversation the hot topic of whether or not to share how many partners you’ve been with.

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This is the book for all women who are tired of dating the same type of man over and over. Break out of the date a guy/break up with a guy cycle today by Owning Your Tomorrow TODAY!

By far, my most popular book, To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man is every woman’s guide to understanding the mystery that is the male mind. Hint: We’re not as complicated as you think!

You have a great guy and you want to keep him! Find out how to keep a guy FROM a guy! Pennies in the Jar gives you great ideas on how to shore up your relationship and make it “affair proof”!

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