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2017 is here and I say Let’s GO FOR IT! Want that raise and have no idea how to get it? Are you having an issue with your partner and need a better way to present it so you can fix it? Let me show you how to make your words matter!

I am always learning from my coaching clients and from you, my incredible readers. I take what I have learned and use it to help others. One of the things I have come to realize is that most people have few communication skills. Many times, the issues we deal with in coaching require my clients to improve their communication skills. I realized something was missing and “The Power to Communicate” bridges this gap!

That’s why I wrote my newest book, The Power to Communicate. This book teaches you not only how to convey your message, but how to truly listen to the message of others. Yes, communication is not a one-way street. We don’t just get to talk, we need to listen and listening is probably one of the worst skills most of us have!

I’m excited to announce that The Power to Communicate is now available with a free, downloadable PDF workbook to enhance your learning! Click the cover to the left or click here to get your copy now!

Next on Deck! Love is in the Mouse 2017!

You loved the original Love is in the Mouse, and now it’s time for an updated version! I’ve added a lot of new information and two great (and free) downloads! In this 2017 version, you will find new help selecting the right type of guy for you, the latest information on what kinds of photos to use, which words help your profile and which ones hurt it!

You will also get some fantastic examples of profiles to help you write the best online profile! You will get help with the latest online lingo and figuring out whether or not a guy is a scammer. I’ve got you all set up for online dating success in 2017! Love is in The Mouse 2017 is live NOW!

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Build Confidence. Understand Men. Find Love.

That’s all you need and that’s all he does! Gregg Michaelsen, Boston’s top dating coach, can now also be described as Boston’s top confidence builder! Gregg’s dozen-plus best sellers, many #1 best sellers, which have an overtone of helping men and women succeed in the dating and relationship arena, truly help readers build their confidence to new heights.

“Our confidence takes little hits all of the time. At some point, you have to shore things up again”, says Gregg about his focus on helping his readers boost their confidence. Gregg’s writing has slowly been taking a slight turn toward motivation and confidence, with a little bit of dating thrown in for good measure. Gregg has taken his writing to new heights by adding new audiences. Gregg recently released two teen books, The Building of a Confident Teen and Winning at the Game of Teen Life. Additionally, Gregg is in the process of publishing his second co-ed book, as mentioned above. The Power to Communicate follows Live Like You’re Dying in the co-ed series.


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To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man Goes Live in L.A.

L.A. got to see a glimpse of Gregg’s #1 Best Seller, To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man, in this 60 second ad.

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NYC video shoot!

The Experts Discuss Talking about How Many Partners You’ve Been With

Gregg and dating experts, Helen Fisher, Fiona Fine, and Jasbina Ahluwalia in this 6-minute insightful conversation the hot topic of whether or not to share how many partners you’ve been with.

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