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understanding men in relationshipsunderstanding men in relationshipsunderstanding men in relationships
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It’s time to learn how to successfully implement Man Mode. Learn to improve all of your relationships with men whether you are single or in a relationship.

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The Man Whisperer is designed to provide an understanding of men’s behavior in relationships and fix any issues with a language a man understands. Mimic how his best friend communicates with him and watch the magic happen. What attracts him? Why won’t he cry in front of you? Why does he walk out in the middle of a fight? Why does he want to spend more time with his friends?

Solve these issues by learning the characteristics instilled early in men’s lives and use them to your advantage. Learn more in Gregg’s video, “The Conveyor Belt to Manhood”.

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I know. You’re feeling desperate right now. He left. You’re upset and wanting him back. You’re angry and wishing parts of him would shrivel up and fall off…
I get it…but I’m here now, to help you!

You’ve been trying to get him back directly. You’ve texted him, maybe left a few unfortunate voicemails, probably sent a few scathing emails, and what has it gotten you? Nothing!
It’s not your fault. This is what your female instincts tell you to do. It’s what your girlfriends, your mother and your sister are telling you to do.

But now, there’s a new sheriff in town who is going to show you the right way to get your ex boyfriend back fast…INDIRECTLY.
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Gregg Michaelsen – Confidence Builder

Build Yourself and He Will Come

That’s all you need! Boston’s top dating coach is now also Boston’s top confidence builder! Gregg’s dozen-plus best sellers, many #1 best sellers have an overtone of helping women succeed in the dating and relationship arena. Gregg truly helps readers build their confidence to new heights.

“Our confidence takes little hits all of the time. At some point, you have to shore things up again”, says Gregg about his focus on helping his readers boost their confidence. Gregg’s writing has slowly been taking a slight turn toward motivation and confidence, but dating advice for women and understanding men is always in the forefront. He recently released two teen books, The Building of a Confident Teen and Winning at the Game of Teen Life.