I Want to Change My Life

Life Hits Hard!

I Want to Change My LifeIt doesn’t take much of a punch from life to really knock you down. A childhood of abuse or bullying, teen years filled with self-doubt and a feeling of not fitting in, combined with relationship breakups along the way all combine to turn us into adults with low self-confidence and self-esteem.

While what has happened in your life is not your fault, it is your job to pull yourself out of it! Confident, high-value men want to date confident, high value women. When you’re down, you’re not that woman.

I am Here to help!!!

I grew up the son of a life coach. I’ve had these tools drilled into me since I was a young child. I’ve practiced these skills myself for years and have fine-tuned them for you! Quality men notice and want to date confident women. Players sniff out low-confidence women and prey on them.

Many women reach out to me, frustrated because they seem to keep drawing in the same type of man – a user or player – and they don’t understand why they can’t find a great guy.

I Want to Change My Life starts here!

The answer lies in you. You are the common denominator. That’s good news because the only person we can work on is you! How?

With the tools I have below! I just have one request. If you’re not dating right now, take a break while you do this work on yourself. You will be happy you did! It’s not impossible, but it’s very challenging to work on yourself while you’re in a relationship.

Tool #1Tool #2Tool #3Tool #4

The next tools in your toolbox are two great books for building confidence! With To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself, you gain an understanding of how making the right choices in your life can positively impact your dating life. When your confidence is down, you generally don’t make great choices. This can quickly spiral out of control, as we see in this book, which tells the story of two women on very different pathways in life.

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes is the confidence book for you! This book, written especially for women, helps you understand how your internal voice is impacting your life. You will learn the power of that inner voice and how to make positive changes in what you’re saying. You will also learn how to take your dreams and turn them into reality! If you do the work in this book, you will become that confident woman quality men are seeking!

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With these tools, I challenge you to Live Like You’re Dying and Own Your Tomorrow! Both of these books are just what you need to propel yourself even further into becoming a confident woman!

Own Your Tomorrow gives you 14 powerful steps to prepare yourself to re-enter the dating scene. These steps are followed by 19 rules for getting and keeping a guy! By the time you’ve read and taken the steps in this book, you will be ready to re-enter the dating scene with confidence and the best self-esteem you’ve experienced in years!

Live Like You’re Dying is a book to take you to the next level! We all hold back but this book challenges you to step up your game and challenge yourself! I love this book because it encourages you to live a life of no regret! When we’re young, we dream big, we see no possibility for failure and we take risks. As we get older, we become more cautious and we stop dreaming, accepting the status quo as our destiny.

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Your fourth tool is the holy grail of tools! If you really want to get your confidence where it needs to be, you need to Build Yourself so He Will Come! This is the ultimate course for becoming a confident, independent woman – one great half of a successful relationship. Many times, we go into relationships for the wrong reasons – we need the emotional support of another person, we don’t want to be alone, or a host of other reasons. The problem is that when you rely on someone else to fulfill your emotional needs, you’re dependent on them. When they’re up or good to you, you’re up. When they’re down or treat you poorly, you’re down. You ride a wave of emotions completely dependent upon someone else. This is commonly called a co-dependent relationship – the type of relationship which almost always fails.

Build Yourself and He Will Come teaches you how to become an independent woman in every aspect of your life. It helps you move from entering yet another co-dependent relationship to drawing in a high quality man with whom you will build a successful, fulfilling relationship! \

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