Are you tired of feeling out of control?

Do you feel as if things are spiraling in the wrong direction?

Rest assured, those days are numbered! “I want to change my life” is something I hear every day. I am first and foremost a Life Coach! If you feel your life is out of control, it’s important to focus all of your energy on regaining that control. When you work on building your confidence, you are making a life-changing decision. This impacts every aspect of your life, not just dating! You will have more positive interactions at work, you will feel motivated to grow and expand your knowledge, your interactions with family and friends will improve and most importantly, you will find happiness where it truly resides – inside of you – not in a relationship.

Why is Life Coaching Important to You?

In my coaching, I have found that many women have different levels of confidence in different areas of their lives. Many say they are more confident at work than they are in dating. Some don’t feel confident in any area. The truth is regardless of what you feel your confidence level is, there is always room for improvement. Low confidence keeps you from standing up for yourself. It prevents you from going for that promotion or taking any training classes. It eliminates the possibility of having a successful, loving relationship with a high value man. In order to find that man, you need to learn my methods and take my advice.

You can’t execute my dating advice if you don’t have confidence! That’s why my motto is Build Yourself and He Will Come. I offer whole-life coaching which moves you 180 degrees from where you are and makes you a happier person.

Tired of wanting, but not seeing any changes in your life?

You already have access to two great books which can help you begin to make positive changes in your life! A great start is To Date a Man, You Must Understand Yourself. This book will help you begin to understand the changes you need to make in your life, and will start you on a pathway to improvement.

Comfortable in Your Own Shoes is the only confidence-building book out there written specifically for women. This is a great first step in building your confidence. It gives you a baseline start with plenty of tips and exercises, all designed to grow your confidence.

Once you’ve read those two books, you are well on your way, but there is more to do! Own Your Tomorrow: 14 Steps to Prepare for Love is your Step 2!

This book continues to build your pathway to feeling secure and happy, not to mention ready for love! In the first part of the book, you will take the 14 steps. In Part 2, I take you through things you’ll need to know once you’re in that successful relationship.

This book isn’t just about preparing for love, it’s about preparing to enjoy the future. The skills developed in Own Your Tomorrow transfer into all aspects of your life, just like the two books above!

While Comfortable in Your Own Shoes is a great starter for building your confidence, Build Yourself and He Will Come takes confidence building to a whole new level. This course addresses the main issue behind the failure of most relationships – co-dependence versus interdependence. It helps you become an independent woman, which is the prerequisite to being in an interdependent (healthy) relationship. We talk about things like being proactive versus reactive, learning to follow your own dreams, using your internal compass for guidance and so. much. more. This course is 13 high-power lessons with exercises, videos, two free books and a few infographics to help solidify the lessons.

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Coaching is a great Step 4 for those of you who think you want to go the extra mile!

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Here’s Another Suggestion for You!

LLYD 015If you’d like to really turn your life up a notch, be sure to click on the cover to the left to purchase Live Like You’re Dying. This eBook takes you on a journey to a place where possibility and expansion are the default. Where no dream is too big, too audacious or too crazy. In this place, the world is your oyster and you live presently without issues of self-worth, questioning your actions or living in fear of the opinions of others.

Anything you want in your life can be plugged into this self help, self improvement, book to motivate you in ways you never dreamed possible. Warning! This book is only for people that can handle explosive success!