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What's wrong with me? I can't find a great guy!

There’s nothing wrong with you that a little boost in confidence and some self-care can’t fix! 

You are not flawed, but you are likely feeling dejected and discouraged if you’ve experienced a few dating disasters.

What you need to do is learn how to change your approach to dating.

Check out this information specifically designed for single women just like you! 

How do I stay safe in today's dating environment?

Sadly, the dating environment has always carried some risks. There are now and always have been scumbags.

The best way to stay safe is to be smart. Never leave a drink unattended. If a man brings you a drink, decline it and get your own.

If a man seems too good to be true, he’s probably a player, but he could be a great guy, so go slowly.

Never sleep with a guy on a first, second or even fifth date. Make him earn the right to be in your bed with his actions.

In online dating, never give out your phone number or address to a man until you’ve met him several times. Even then, get yourself a Google phone number and use that.

Never go home with a guy you just met. It’s inappropriate and disrespectful of a man to even ask this of you. I don’t care if his dog just died. He needs to grieve alone.

Meet new men in public places, even if your best friend recommended him. Once you get to know him, after several dates, he can pick you up at home.

Check your emotions at the door. If you become emotional, whether it’s happy emotions or sad emotions, you cannot use your logical mind – this scientifically proven. Maintain your logical mind until you know this guy is worthy of you.

When dating online, avoid telling your entire life story. This isn’t just a safety issue but also helps keep the intrigue and mystery alive. Keep things close to the vest, sharing things that are safe to share, and sharing little until you’ve dated for a while – in person.

If you have any doubts, do some online research. There are sites that will even research photos. If you’re looking at a guy online and his photo looks like it was taken in a modeling studio, find an online photo search website and see where the photo originated.


What do I do if my guy just dumped me? I feel so lost!

You feel terrible, I know, and your instinct is to start sending texts that are either angry in nature or are basically begging him to come back.


You have a golden opportunity here to heal yourself, repair any damage done by the breakup, and build yourself into a confident woman.

I know you might want him back, but this is the way to get him, if he’s worth having, that is!

 Start your journey to feeling better and, if you want him back, getting him back. 

How do I know if my relationship is healthy?

When you’re in a healthy relationship, neither of you is dependent on the other on a daily basis for emotional or financial support.

Certainly, there will be times, like the death of a loved one or a job loss, when one will need to support the other but this shouldn’t be your daily norm.

In a healthy relationship, you’re supportive of one another in loving ways. You appreciate one another and express your feelings in open and honest ways.

It’s very easy for couples who have been together for a while to slide into autopilot and this is where problems can begin, if you’re not careful.

Love is a verb, not a feeling. If you are consistent in your effort to love as an action, you’re well on your way to having and keeping a great relationship.

You can learn more about keeping the great guy you have and building a great relationship by reading here

Why does my guy seem to be going rogue on me?

This behavior happens when you’ve made yourself too available for a man. Instead of continuing with your hobbies and spending time with your friends, you’ve gone all in for this guy.

You’re his beck-and-call-girl and he’s become bored.

It’s time to get your life back! No, this won’t send him packing – and if it does, he was the wrong guy for you anyway! 

Pick up a hobby, new or old and spend time learning it. Find some new friends who share this hobby and get yourself out, enjoying life again.

Have a girls’ night with your friends once in a while – great for when he’s decided to hang out with his friends.

Get you back! You’ve given all of yourself to him, and quite frankly, most men don’t want that. They don’t need to be nurtured or smothered. 

By doing your own thing, you will become interesting to him again. He will begin to be intrigued by the candles you made or the scarf you knitted him, even if it has a big hole in the middle.

Learn more about keeping your guy from going rogue here.


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