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The 7 Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

The 7 Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

Men. They Always Come Back Months Later. Why? You and your boyfriend breakup, and he doesn’t care about you until months later, after you stopped caring about him. Curious isn’t it? Men come back...

Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

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How to Make a Guy Realize He’s Losing You

How to Make a Guy Realize He’s Losing You

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3 Powerful Texts to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

3 Powerful Texts to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Texts to Get Your Ex Back Before I give you 3 powerful texts to get your ex-boyfriend back, let’s set the stage. ⇐ Click and Download your FREE Get Your Ex Back Info-graphic! In my best-seller, How...

Will No Contact Make Him Move On?

Will No Contact Make Him Move On?

Let's Talk About The No Contact Rule. Does It Work? Gregg here at WhoHoldsTheCardsNow.com and today I’m talking about getting your ex boyfriend or husband back. Will no contact make him move on or...

He’s Gone Now What? How to Get Over a Breakup

He’s Gone Now What? How to Get Over a Breakup

How to Get Over a Breakup - Start Here How to get over a breakup just got a whole lot easier! Breakups are terrible, and they do their own kind of damage on your confidence and self-esteem. In most...

Help Me Gregg! My Guy is Pulling Back!

Help Me Gregg! My Guy is Pulling Back!

If there is one question I get asked the most it is some version of this one: “Gregg, I have been dating this guy for 5 weeks, everything was going great, we were hot and heavy and Mark was telling...

Do You Want to Know How to Get Him Back Fast?

Before reading anything else on this page, read this story by Amanda. This is a powerful reason for you to get the book and follow the advice you find here!

Dear Gregg,

I emailed you back in December 2019 about my then-ex…it’s funny. I read your book but didn’t take the advice at first. I pursued him, I did whatever I could to convince him I was working on the mistakes that caused us to break up, and I even went to the ever-so-desperate “I am willing to be friends, just please don’t stop talking to me”…
Shocker…none of these things worked! If anything, they pushed him further and further away. Come January, I honestly felt that he was lost to me forever. I re-read your book and figured “what’s the harm? He’s already gone. What have I got to lose?” 
So I wrote him the goodbye letter, I worked on myself…started eating healthier, got on a workout routine, started going out with friends and doing fun out-of-the-ordinary things, worked on getting my own place (after a nasty divorce that left me jobless, broke and with terrible credit I was forced to move back in with my parents with a toddler in tow)…I got my life back together. I even got in touch with my religious side  – which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea, but personally it really helped me make peace with my inner demons and start to accept and embrace myself for who I am and to strive to be the best me that I could be. 
Just as your book foretold, my ex slowly started reaching out little by little. It started with a random “how are you doing? I was just checking in on you…I miss you”. I followed the advice in your book and was upbeat with my response, never talking about the relationship or letting him know how much I missed him, but rather telling him how great my life was going, my new job, new friends I’d met, etc…
There was a lot of touch-and-go from that point forward, where he’d reach out now and then and disappear for 2 to 4 days at a time. I never caved – I just started mimicking his behavior…if he was particularly chatty one day, I’d indulge him. If he ignored me for two days, I ignored him back. I honestly thought we were getting nowhere and that maybe I somehow screwed up the “no contact” (even though HE had reached out and broken it first). But even though I secretly longed to have him back, I had developed a confidence I hadn’t experienced since long before getting involved with my ex husband. I knew if my ex boyfriend didn’t come back, I’d be okay…worst case scenario, I would attract the person I WANT. So while I still hoped he would come back, it was no longer a priority…it didn’t feel like a requirement for me to be happy. I knew I’d survive either way – it wasn’t the end of the world. 
Well, when it came time for the big meet-up, I followed your advice again…I wore something he’d never seen before, did my hair and makeup a way he’d never seen, and let him know I was potentially interested in giving things another chance…BUT I also gave the vibe I didn’t care either way. We slowly started hanging out again, and fast forward three months…he has moved in with me! We’ve been living together for a little over a month and we get along like peas in a pod…he’s great with my 19-month-old daughter and we’re very happy…happier than before. We almost never argue, we split chores amongst the two of us, he’s a fantastic cook (did I mention what a turn-on that is for a woman??? )
If you had told me four months ago that not only would we be back together but now co-habitating, I probably would have laughed. 
Funny thing – the other night we were cuddling on the couch watching television when I randomly asked him what caused him to reach out after a full month of no contact. Do you know what he said? Aside from (obviously) missing me, it was the goodbye letter…it really hit him hard. He thought it was really sweet; he liked the special memory I had included, and it just made him miss me that much more. Then that letter caused him to check out my Facebook page, and there he saw how good I looked and how I was doing things with my life (socializing, the new job, new hair color, etc.) 
So if I hadn’t followed your advice, he may not have come back – or at least it would have taken much longer!
After being in such a toxic relationship with a narcissistic ex husband for many years, I was very lucky to meet a nice guy (not all nice guys finish last! Sometimes us ladies just need to learn things the hard way!) He makes me feel like a queen…and I know now why I took him dumping me MUCH harder than the dissolution of my marriage to the father of my child. With my ex husband, I just had a gut feeling it wasn’t meant to be and I had spent years trying to force something to work that had died long ago. With my current boyfriend, as soon as he left me I just knew it didn’t feel right. After a long hard look in the mirror (and your book, of course) I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do to work on myself. I started off with the mindset that I was changing my flaws for HIM, but later realized they were for ME. You have to love and accept yourself before anyone else can love and accept you. Thanks to your book, I’m a much better, well-rounded, confident, happier person than I was before reading and applying your advice. I have enhanced my life and found passion in things I thought had died within my childhood! I also know now that I should never settle for less than what I deserve, as should no man or woman! You should be with someone that makes you happy and pushes you to be your best self! And then you should deliver the same in return! 
Thank you so much Gregg. I will continue to apply your advice and read your other books as well. It worked like magic – it was as if I had cast a spell!
Kind regards,

I understand where you are right now. You may be reading the words on this page through the mascara-streaked tears streaming down your face. Maybe you’re not crying, but you’re enraged at what he’s done to you. Regardless of what you’re feeling, you’re asking how to get him back fast!

You have come to the right place my friend.

You could have even moved past the anger and sadness to a point of asking yourself questions like Why Did He Leave or what did I do to deserve this? The bottom line, though, is you want to know How To Get Your Ex Back FAST!

Odds are you’re very emotional right now. Whether you’re in a phase of feeling angry, hurt or happy he’s gone, your emotions are on a rollercoaster ride you might not even understand. Everything you’re feeling, regardless of what it is, is normal.

Your job is to try to gain control over your emotions so you can clearly read and understand the pathway to success I am about to lay out for you! Once we get him back, I will help you keep him for good!

I can almost guarantee you that at some point, he will come back to you. That is what my plan focuses on – getting him back and keeping him.

    how to get him back fast

    Inside my best-seller, How To Get Your Ex Back Fast, you’ll learn:

    • To break contact with him the right way – not the way most coaches tell you!
    • How to get him back fast by writing a powerful goodbye letter, by hand, with my template
    • The importance of changing your routine and shaking things up
    • Ways to use social media to turn up the heat by a notch or two – he’ll soon begin to wonder why he dumped you
    • About using my slip-in/slip-out technique to remind him of the great times you had together
    • How all of these steps, and more, make him question the breakup
    • To begin building your confidence to guarantee future relationship success
    • How to get a free copy of another best seller of mine, Who Holds The Cards Now

    Will Going No Contact Make Him Move On Or Reconsider?

    How to Get Him Back Fast By Understanding What You Can and Cannot Control

    The most important thing for you to understand first is what you can and cannot control. Right now, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get him back and I get that.

    The problem is that you probably are not clear on exactly what will help you get your ex back and what won’t. The truth of this situation is that one, or even better – both of you need to change in order for any future together to be successful.

    What You Can Control

    You can control you. This means learning to understand your emotions and learning how to take charge of them. During this break-up, you’re going to swing between wanting him back, wanting to boot him in the nuts and then wanting him back again.

    While those shifts may blind-side you, you still can control what you do with those feelings.

    How To Stop Being A Slave To Your Emotions

    Something else you control is your goals in life. Now that you’re single, you’re going to take advantage of your alone time to rebuild the life you want. Don’t worry, I know the life you want includes your ex. I’m not trying to change that.

    What I do want you to do with this time is recognize your own personal goals again and shoot for them.

    Remember, you need to change (build your confidence) in order for any future together to be successful. If you don’t, when you get him back it will only happen again – that’s why you need Comfortable in Your Own Shoes! If your ex see’s positive change he’ll want you back!

    • What is it you want in your life? Besides getting your ex back fast I mean.
    • Where do you want to be in your career?
    • Where do you want to live?
    • Do you want to travel?
    • Do you want kids?

    This is fully within your control. No short cuts – Get Comfortable In Your Own Shoes.

    You are also in control of your future. Once you get your emotions under control and you have goals, you can clearly see your future.

    What You Cannot Control


    You cannot control your ex. While I can give you tools which should entice him back into your life, neither you nor I can control what he will do. You cannot fix him or change him if is incapable of love. You must decide whether he is worth getting back – that’s on you.

    What I give you in my best seller, How To Get Your Ex Back Fast are tools that work with great regularity on most men. If you use them, your odds increase significantly. If you ignore my advice…well…I’m not sure why you’re here.

    How to Get Him Back Fast By Learning How My Techniques Work

    Your friends are probably telling you to text bomb him with either super-flirty texts or to vent your anger. They’re telling you to get yourself back out there and find a better guy, but you don’t want a better guy. You want your guy.

    You’re Getting Him Back Indirectly

    When you text-bomb him with your anger and frustration, you’re trying to directly get him back. This will never work. This will only build more contempt. He’ll either block you on his phone or he will just ignore your texts. We don’t want him to do either of these things.

    That puts you out of sight – out of sight, out of mind. That’s not how to get him back fast! We will win him back indirectly with my proven method!

    I’m Here To Guide You

    how to get him back fast

    My best-selling book, How To Get Your Ex Back Fast has helped hundreds of women learn how to get him back already and it can help you too!

    Just read a tiny sampling of the hundreds of reviews:

    Gregg’s advice is spot on. His books are the best value out there – I’ve tried Christian Carter, Rori Raye and Matthew Hussey and spent way too much money. While they offer some advice, you spend an inordinate amount of time filtering out the fluff. They don’t begin to compare to offering straightforward and insightful relationship advice IN A NUTSHELL at a great price. Don’t waste your time or money elsewhere. Oh – and be prepared to not only get over your ex but be happy to move on to bigger and better! A huge added benefit is that you can email him on your specific situation. THANK YOU Gregg!

    Gregg provides great advice, much of which you probably already know, but sometimes need to hear from someone else, Plus suggestions and steps that make it easier, especially for those of us who work better having a plan. I can’t speak for whether his plan will work, too early in the process, but it is already making me feel better, whether I get him back or not. I’ll add reviews as things progress. A fast, easy and entertaining read; practical. Gregg provides his email for contacting him. I thought “right, there is no way I will hear back from him.” But, I had some unusual circumstances and decided I had nothing to lose. I heard back from him in less than 24 hours! A pleasant surprise and his response was helpful and insightful. I have ordered several of his other books and am looking forward to getting further advice and ideas.

    More Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast Reviews

    In less than a week this book has changed my life. It’s a short read and straight to the point. Ladies if you are trying to get back with your ex this book is the book to read. What’s also so great about the book is that it is from the male point of view. I don’t care how many other books you have read but until you read a book from the male view you/we will not get it. I have followed two of the steps in the book and can I tell you they work. There is still more work/game to go but things are looking promising. And I’m willing and ready. I can’t tell you what the steps are so get the book, But, I will tell you this. Mr. Michaelsen states in his book to email him and can I tell you I emailed him and 24 hours later he emailed me back. And it wasn’t a generic email he spoke about what I emailed him about. You can’t get any better than that!!!!! Ladies get the book.

    My techniques work because, unlike your friends, I understand the male mind. I know how men think and what triggers their different tendencies.

    For example, one reason I know he’ll come back to you is because men don’t like to lose their stuff. Don’t call me a chauvinist now but you’re his stuff. Even though he left, he still considers you to be his.

    He thinks you’re sitting somewhere, crying into yet another pint of Ben and Jerry’s but you’re not – or you won’t be for long if you are!

    But Gregg, it can’t be that simple!

    It can be, and it is. Now, this isn’t the only reason he’ll be back, but it’s part of the whole plan on how to get him back.

    He’ll Compete For You

    Men don’t like to lose. At some point in your journey to get him back, I will encourage you to date other guys.

    Don’t panic – I’m not saying marry them, just date.

    It will get back to him, either through social media or your mutual friends. If he feels he’s losing some obscure competition to win your heart, his interest will again be tweaked.

    Men Crave Competition

    Without Change, Nothing Will Happen


    I eluded to this earlier but the truth of the matter is that this may not be your first breakup with this guy. It may be the second, third or even fourth. Each time the two of you have gotten back together, what happened?

    That’s easy – you broke up again. But why?

    Because nothing changed. He stayed the same and you stayed the same. If any change was made, it was in a negative, not positive way.

    Angry words were said or texted. Feelings were hurt. Maybe a few dishes were thrown. These all work against you in future reconciliations, unless you make positive changes!

    I cannot control him. I can’t make him change. Heck, I can’t make you change. Only you have the power to do that. The question is – do you want to?

    Do you want to change your life so you can have positive relationships?

    How about changing your life so you can feel happy – perhaps for the first time – EVER?

    Do you want to change your life so you can work toward, and attain the things you want?


    Do you want to continue to enter into bad relationship after bad relationship, never truly finding yourself in a rewarding, intimate relationship?

    Will you continue to feel as if there was so much you wanted to do in your life, but you were never brave enough?

    Do you want to sit on the sidelines while your friends and family grow in their careers and experience new and exciting paths.

    Read the Reviews and Get the Book Everybody is Talking About!


    Inside the best-seller, How To Get Your Ex Back Fast, you’ll learn:

    • To break contact with him the right way – not the way most coaches tell you!
    • How writing him a powerful goodbye letter, by hand, and sending it will deliver a crushing blow
    • The importance of changing your routine and shaking things up
    • Ways to use social media to turn up the heat by a notch or two – he’ll soon begin to wonder why he dumped you
    • About using my slip-in/slip-out technique to remind him of the great times you had together
    • How all of these steps, and more, make him question the breakup
    • To begin building your confidence to guarantee future relationship success
    • How to get a free copy of another best seller of mine, Who Holds The Cards Now

    How to get him back starts right here. Are you ready to stop crying and get to work?

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