Your guy is going rogue on you and you want to know how to make him realize he’s losing you. Guys do this and it’s not okay. He’s become too complacent in your relationship. He’s taking you for granted, and he thinks he can just do whatever and you’ll be okay with it.

Well, it isn’t okay and you’ve had enough. Today, you’ll learn how to make him realize he’s losing you! I promise there are no games. This isn’t about playing tricks or using games. It’s about things you can do that will wake him right up.

How to Make Him Realize He’s Losing You | Let Him Know You’re Prepared to Walk Away

Yes, this is harsh, but it’s true, isn’t it? You’re prepared to walk away from the relationship. You feel lonely and you want to be with a guy who wants to be with you. You don’t want to be taken for granted or abandoned every night for sports or sports bars.

If you truly feel this way, it’s time for a sit-down conversation where you spell it out for him. At first, your relationship was exciting and fun and he was having fun getting to know you.

But now, you feel him pulling away and enough is enough. If he isn’t willing to commit to your relationship, you’re prepared to walk away. There are many reasons why men won’t commit, but that’s his problem, not yours.

The key is that if you say you’re going to walk away, then you need to do so if he won’t put more into your relationship. Don’t ever say something like that without backing it up with actions. If he won’t commit now, you’ll be right back here in a few weeks.

Pull Back from Him

If you aren’t ready to walk away completely, pull back some. This is most effective if you aren’t living together. Get busy with your own life. Re-engage with old friends. Revitalize a favorite hobby. Step up your workout routine.

He might be so wrapped up in whatever he’s got going on that he doesn’t realize the impact his actions, or lack thereof, are having on you and your relationship. He needs a wake-up call and you not being his beck-and-call girl anymore might do the trick.

If he texts, wait a few hours, if at all. If he calls, let it go to voicemail. Remember, he’s already pulled back from you so you’re just reacting in kind.

By pulling back, you’re reminding him that love and respect are not one-way actions. They are verbs that require something of both of you.

Right now, he’s operating on the theory that he can do whatever he wants, and you’ll be there for him when he decides to throw some attention your way. Debunk that myth by tossing it right back to him. It may take him a few days or so to realize that his assumptions about you and your relationship need a little adjustment, but if he wants a committed relationship with you, he’ll snap to attention.

How to make him realize hes losing you

How to Make Him Realize He’s Losing You | Get Busy in Your Own Life

Many times, when you get into a new and exciting relationship, you give up parts of your life, like spending time with friends and working on hobbies. Self-care is also something women often give up. And you do all this to spend more time with him.

Then he goes rogue. All that attention could be part of the problem. Even though you’re a couple, you should each maintain your lives outside the relationship. He should be able to hang out with his friends and so should you. You should have your respective hobbies, and maybe you combine one of yours with one of his so you can do something together. But your lives shouldn’t be exclusively the two of you.

Get back to your life as it was before you met him. Hang out with your friends. Practice self-care by doing things you enjoy.

Of course, the other possibility is that he likes all the doting, but he’s taking it for granted. You pulling back and enjoying your life away from him will help him realize he’s not your only priority. He needs to make your relationship a priority if he wants to keep it.

Aside from all that, staying busy in your life is good for you. Friendships are good for the soul and help you in many ways. Hobbies are also great for you because they help you grow and continue to build confidence.

Remind Him You Have Options

This guy isn’t the only guy who will ever love you. It might be time to remind him that you have options when it comes to men.

Unless you’re married or living together, you aren’t so committed that you can’t easily move on. Obviously, I don’t encourage infidelity, but men don’t like to lose their stuff, and for better or worse, he considers you part of his stuff. Don’t send hate mail. Men don’t think of women as possessions like that, but they don’t like to lose a woman to another man.

Remember, love is a verb. It’s an action that two people make toward one another. It isn’t something you’re obligated to. If you feel unwanted in your current relationship, let him know how you feel and that you’re not bound to him in any way.

Change your passwords. Lock him out of your things. Go no contact for a few days and let him stew in what he’s doing for a while. Let him experience life without you.

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How to Make Him Realize He’s Losing You | Change Your Look

This is a great move because it’s a surprise. When you do this, a few things happen. One is that he thinks, “Wow! She looks awesome. I wonder what she’ll do next!” The next is that he wonders why you’re changing how you look. That one goes further when he starts wondering who you’re changing your look for.

Another thing this does is it breaks any label he might have placed on you. If you always wore your hair up, but now you’ve got it cut in a cute bob, that’s a much different look and his label is busted. Again, he’s wondering what you’ll do next.

The last thing it does is to let him know you make your own decisions, independent of him. This isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a great thing. You should always be making your own decisions. If they impact him, of course, you’ll share the decision-making process with him, but this is all about you so go for it!

Of course, it doesn’t occur to him that you’re doing it to make him realize he’s losing you. He thinks you’re doing it to attract other men or another man in particular.

Aside from the impact, it has on him, changing your look is always uplifting. It puts a spring in your step and makes you feel a little bit better about yourself.

How to make him realize hes losing you

Enter Man Mode

Man mode isn’t game-playing. Man mode is very simple. When you use man mode, you’re doing what a guy would do. In many instances, you’re beating him to it, but in this case, you’re doing exactly what he does.

For instance, if you text him about your dinner plans for the following evening and he doesn’t reply for three or four hours, you wait three or four hours to answer him.

You’ve always replied right away, so that’s what he expects. As soon as you stop doing what he expects you to do, you gain his attention. If he calls you out on not replying sooner, you simply say you were busy and forgot (wink wink).

Another way to insert man mode is to beat him to something. For example, if he’s planning to hang out with his buddies again, fine, let him without one single complaint. But you also make plans to hang out with your friends. Make sure he knows you look hot before you leave, then go have fun.

He envisions you sitting at home, waiting for his call or for him to come home. Let him know you’ve got a life too and you can look great while you’re living it. His fun time with his buddies won’t be as much fun because his mind will be preoccupied. He’ll be wondering what guys might see you looking so great and how you’ll respond to their attention. He knows he’s not putting in 100%, so he knows what can happen.

How to Make a Man Realize He’s Losing You | Stop Pampering Him

Most women are nurturers by nature. When they find a guy they like, they tend to dote on him, often to excess. If he’s down, you’re there to lift him up. If he needs laundry done, you’ve already moved it to the dryer.

Stop. Just stop. You aren’t acting like his girlfriend, you’ve turned into his mother. He’s a big boy who can do his laundry.

Sure, as a girlfriend, you can be supportive, but not to excess. You aren’t his laundry maid, nor are you his Plan B if his friends can’t do anything. You don’t need to dote on him every hour of every day.

A guy who’s looking for this is looking for someone to play mommy. If that’s the life you want, fine, but he’s not ever going to be as attentive to you as you are to him.

Pull back. Let him do his laundry. He can find someone to hang out with or something to do when his best buddies aren’t available on his own.

Let him see what life without you is like. He needs to understand that you are someone who should be appreciated, not taken advantage of. If he calls you out on not doing those things for him, try a witty response like, “I didn’t sign up to be your babysitter” or “I’m not getting paid to be your laundry girl.”

Enjoy an Adventure Without Him

Get some girlfriends together and rent a cabin somewhere or go on a mini vacation together. Let him know for sure that he’s not invited. Go have fun without him, and no cheating by texting and calling him incessantly. This is your time with your friends.

Let him see that you can have fun without him; allow him to feel you drifting away. If he hates it enough, he’ll snap back and start working to be the guy you fell for.

He wants to be the one having fun with you, and even though you’re with your girlfriends, he knows the risk of you finding another guy who is paying attention to you is great.

How to make him realize he's losing you

How to Make Him Realize He’s Losing You | Pull Back on Sex…Just a Little

This is best used with one of the other tactics you’re finding here. Don’t completely pull back on sex, but pull back some. If you want to have sex with him fine, but then let him wait for a few days.

If he’s got any brains at all, he’ll start wondering what’s going on and he’ll begin to put things together.

Men love sex and good men love pleasing you with sex, so if you’re not granting him the ability to do so, he’ll quickly wonder what’s up.

Be Vague About the Future

When the two of you talk about the future, be vague about your plans. Don’t say things like, “I think we should go to Aruba next spring.” Instead say, “I think a trip to Aruba sounds great. I wonder if spring is a good time to go.”

It’s subtle, but you didn’t include him.

If he asks what you’re doing this weekend, act like you don’t know what your plans are. Let him wonder if he’s included.

Yes, you run the risk that he’ll make other plans and that’s okay. You make other plans too. Remember man mode!

How to Make Him Realize He’s Losing You | Mention Another Guy Who’s Funny and/or Good Looking

Some men are competitive by nature and they don’t like to be outdone. If you have a coworker or friend who’s hot and funny, and your guy knows it, start tossing his name around in conversation.

“Gregg said the funniest thing yesterday at work…”

If he knows Gregg and knows he’s a good-looking guy, he’ll start to wonder why he’s getting so much of your attention.

Aside from that, guys like to think they’re funny, so another guy “out-funnying” him isn’t going to sit well. He’ll worry about how much time you’re spending with other guys and, if he’s invested in the relationship, he’ll get back in line.

Show Him Some New Moves in the Bedroom

When you do allow him to have sex with you, show him something new. This is great for two reasons. First, it’ll eliminate any boredom and make you a little mysterious. Second, he’ll wonder where you’re learning these new moves.

You want to keep your sex life from becoming boring anyway because it’s good for your relationship. And no, the full responsibility of that doesn’t fall on you, but you’re trying to make him see what he’s losing right now, so this is a great move.

We Slept Together Now What

How to Make Him Realize He’s Losing You | Go Back to the Beginning

Remember when your relationship was new? He may have expressed things he liked about you back then. Are you still doing those things?

Many of the suggestions above involve distancing yourself from him, but that might not work for all men, so the opposite is to try to remember what it was he fell for early on. Chances are, you’ve drifted from being that person.

We all put our best foot forward early in a relationship. It’s like you’re marketing yourself. You don’t share all the baggage, but you put on the charm and agree to do things that might have been out of your comfort zone.

Go back to that time. Agree to do something he knows pulls you out of your comfort zone. Recall that girl he fell for and bring her back. I’m not telling you to be fake, but to bring back the girl he fell in love with.

Put More into the Relationship

If your guy has a romantic side, you might do well to bring out that part of him again. You saw it early in your dating, so it’s there. Again, this is the opposite tactic to the others, but for some men, it might be the key.

Plan a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant, or maybe where you had your first date. Put in a little more effort in the bedroom. Do things you know he loves.

This helps to remind him of what an amazing woman you are and how lost he’d be without you.

How to Make Him Realize He’s Losing You

If you’ve tried one or more of the suggestions above and nothing changes, you have a decision to make. You need to decide if this is how you want to live. Many times, people don’t realize the impact of their actions, so there’s a good chance one or two of these things will work, but if they don’t, it’s decision time.

My recommendation is that if none of this worked to snap him, you should move on, but only you can make that decision for yourself. Just know that any one of these things should have worked on him and if it didn’t, I question his commitment to you and your relationship. Staying will likely lead to bigger heartache down the line.

There’s also the possibility that if you do leave for good, he might still wake up. At that time, you can make a new decision, but if you walk away, don’t sit there and wait for him to come around. Live your new life without him happily and without regret.

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