The Chase is On!

Sometimes, you need to know how to make a guy realize he’s losing you. Men go rogue after the excitement fades. They start taking you for granted. The more you give, the faster he withdraws. 

What’s the answer?

Put as much effort into him as he does in you!

He needs signs that he’s losing you so his chase DNA kicks in, encouraging him to pursue you again. To do this,  bring back the challenge and mystery.

How to Make a Guy Realize He’s Losing You | Tip #1: Resurrect Your Social Life Outside of His

become a guy magnet

This one is simple and its fun! Spend a few Friday and Saturday nights with your friends and not your man. This instantly gets his attention and he wonders why you didn’t choose to spend time with him instead.

This is a positive development.

He might be excited to join his friends at first, but that excitement will quickly turn to worry if he loves you.

How to Make a Guy Realize He is Losing You | Tip #2: Change Your Look

We label people when we first see them and your guy has labeled you too. He thinks he knows everything about you so it’s time to strip that label and show him that you’re capable of change.

If you change your hair, daily routine, or clothes, he’ll think that you might change the guy you’re dating!

How to Make Him Chase You | Tip #3: Change it Up in the Bedroom

As soon as you rock his world with something new under the sheets (or in the elevator), he wonders where you learned it. Was it from another guy? Boom! His days of taking you for granted will be over.

How to Make a Guy Realize He is Losing You | Tip #4: Change your Emotions

Remember how you snapped when he wanted to go out with the guys last Saturday night? This time smile and let him go. In fact, encourage him!

Don’t be sarcastic. Be nice. Just make sure he knows that you are spending your night out too, looking hot with your girlfriends.

You can really mess him with him by laying out his clothes for his upcoming night out!

How to Make Him Chase You Again | Tip #5: Prioritize You

Remember when he got DUI and you drove him everywhere for three months? How about the time he was so sick that he could barely make it to the frige and you stayed with him for three days straight?

He is accustomed to you caring about his needs over yours so it’s time to pull that plug too.

Book a trip for yourself. Say no to his petty needs a few times. Tell him that you would love to, but you and your friend Cheryl are dying to ride that Six Flags roller coaster this weekend.

How to Make a Guy Realize He is Losing You | Tip #6: Flirt

Be careful with this one. Guy’s are competitive and another man in his space rubs his fur the wrong way.

When you’re at a restaurant lock eyes with the hot waiter. Talk a little bit longer than you might normally with a stranger.

Your guy will quickly realize that he has become less of a priority in your life.

How to Make a Guy Realize He is Losing You | Tip #7: Kill it at the Gym

Did you know one of the first signs of an affair, or thoughts of leaving is when one partner starts caring about his or her body again?

Go to the gym! Kill off those extra pounds and eat healthy while he is stuffing his face with the usual fried foods.

Watch as his I will take you granted grin fades off his face!

How to Make Him Worry about Losing You | Tip #8: Texting

You respond to his texts in seconds after he texts you? You guessed it – stop!

Respond an hour or two later. Make him sweat like he does you. Stay nice and hold back your emotions when he gets irritated at your delay.

“I’m sorry, babe, I was doing crunches and I didn’t want to be interrupted,” or, “I was ordering drinks and I forgot to get back to you. It won’t happen again.” Of course, you do it again if his poor attitude doesn’t change.

How to Make a Guy Realize He’s Losing You

Don’t overuse these tactics. Gauge his reactions and adjust your actions accordingly. Your man is like a dog. Once he’s trained to treat you well again, you can back off and act like nothing ever happened.

Women tell me they don’t want to play games. Do it your way if you don’t like what you read.

You’ll return, single to buy my books!

Like it or not, guys have traits within them, some of which suck. I wish they didn’t, but they do!  Play the game and win. If you do, – the game is played less and less.

Once he knows what you are capable of, he’ll keep himself in line!

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