Why do Men Come Back Months Later?

You and your boyfriend breakup, and he doesn’t care about you until months later, long after you stopped caring about him. Curious isn’t it? Why do men come back months later like a flock of sheep to grass? There are several reasons for this and here are seven of them!

Why He Left: The Challenge is Gone

Nothing worth having comes without a fight. You’ve heard this phrase before, and oh does it apply to men! The challenge was lost the day you moved in together and became exclusive. The key is to keep the challenge going long after the newness of your relationship wears off.

Be crazy, good crazy not bat sh*t crazy. Break your routine. Maintain your friendships. Keep your hobbies and join in one of his, but never make him your hobby. This keeps him on his toes.

As part of my ongoing research, I interview couples who’ve been married for forty years or more. When I ask what their secret is, men say, “I felt like I never caught her – I still haven’t!” Women just smile. They know the secret!

The 7 Reasons Why Men Come Back Months Later

#1 Reason Why Men Come Back Months Later | The Grass Wasn’t Greener after All

why men come back months later

While you’re apart, he’s parting like a rock star but now, he’s bored. What a big surprise. He realized other women don’t except his flaws like you did. Staying apart from you means he needs to lose weight, make more of his own money and treat people with more respect.

This seems like a lot of work but there’s an easier way, and that is to come back to you.

#2 Reason Why Men Come Back Months Later | He’s Testing the Waters

Your ex wants to be single, but he doesn’t want you to be single. If things don’t work out in his singles life, you are his fall back plan. Don’t allow this to happen!

If he tries to beg his way back into your life, he needs a real plan accompanied by real action before you take him back, and that’s assuming you are still single.

#3 Reason Why Men Come Back Months Later | He Wants to Get Laid

You make him feel like he’s the greatest guy out there, so he believes every other woman sould also. Now, he knows he’s dead wrong. He’s having a difficult time getting any sex, let alone good sex. In his mind, you still want to have sex with him, so, months later, he’s texting you again.

#4 Reason Why Men Come Back Months Later | Memories

why men come back months later

Memories are tough, which is why it’s important to build as many powerful, fun memories as possible in your relationship. These are pennies in the jar of your relationship. Men come back months later when something reminds them of you – even if they’re dating someone else.

Older couples say they’ve stay together because they have so many wonderful memories together, memories no one else can replace. Be sure to have plenty of memories in your next relationship.

Do you want to get your ex back? 

Check out this proven Five Step Process to Get Him Back! Work your way through these five steps and:

  • Feel less emotional
  • Figure out what happened to end the relationship
  • Rebuild your confidence
  • Toy with his psyche
  • Plan your meeting with him

As you’re reading, many men come back months later. Taking these five steps helps guarantee that your new relationship will be a success!

#5 Reason Why They Always Come Back | The Pressure from Friends and Family

Men listen to the important people in their life because they trust them. When their friends and family start piling on reasons why they shouldn’t have left their ex, it sinks in.

They listen and think about the the memories, sex, and unconditional love they received from you and soon, they want to come home.

#6 Reason Why Men Come Back Months Later | He’s Ready

why men come back months later

Some guys genuinely need a break to think about things. This isn’t a bad thing. Many have issues to fix. I know because I was one of those guys. I couldn’t love because I saw my parents fall apart in front of me; I was bitter and confused. I got help.

How do you get over a guy you never really dated?

A healthy male comes back when he realizes he would prefer being with you than being single and hanging out with his friends. That, my friend, can happen in a New York minute if you do the work and become a confident woman.

#7 Reason Why Men Come Back Months Later | You are A Challenge Again!

I saved the best for last because this is the Mount Everest of reasons why men come back months later. Make positive changes in your life. If you need to lose weight, do so, for you. Find a hobby to enjoy. Get passionate about something. Make new positive friends. Have fun!

What does this do? It builds confidence and makes you interesting and attractive because you are happy with new stories to tell and, as a bonus, you look great!

Do you take him back? Hell no! You laugh in his face and flaunt your new guy in his presence. Am I being vindictive? Yeah, maybe.

There you have it – why men come back months later!

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