He’s Gone, Now What?

You’re feeling happy one minute, sad the next. You want him back. You never want to see him again.
Everything you’re experiencing is normal. Surviving a breakup is tough! Find out why you’re feeling all of these things and more when you buy this book!

Surviving a Breakup | Understand Why You Feel Like You Do

You might think a breakup is just impacting your emotions but science tells us that your body is actually going through withdrawal. You were previously in a happy relationship and your body was firing off happy chemicals. Now, that flow of happy chemicals is shut off and your body is suffering a withdrawal. Understand how this is impacting your physical and emotional health and learn how to move through it all with another of Gregg Michaelsen’s best-selling books, He’s Gone, Now What?

It’s Time to Reprogram

When you go through any breakup, you begin to question yourself. What did you do wrong? What could you have done differently? If you’d been better at something, would there have been a different outcome? Your self-doubt will begin to weigh you down if you don’t get it in check! Once you understand what’s going on with your body chemicals, it’s time to begin reprogramming your mind.

  • Learn how your mind works and why you need to reprogram
  • Understand the true power of affirmations
  • Take a deep dive into your subconscious and unconscious mind and learn how to make them both work for you!

Surviving a Breakup | Move Past Feeling Like You Do Today

Once you begin to understand why you feel like you do, you’re going to learn how to move past the grief and into a position of being a healthy, confident woman who is ready to find and date a wonderful man!

  • Understand the stages of grieving a breakup
  • Learn about closure and why you shouldn’t be trying to find it
  • Discover the true power of going no contact with your ex and gain the strength to carry through
  • End the obsessing over him
  • Take inventory of your life to avoid repeating past relationship choices
  • Uncover the truth behind happiness and where you find it
  • Prepare for a new relationship by setting boundaries
  • Find out a true definition of love and know when you’re really in love
  • Know when you’re ready for another relationship and how to make it a healthy one

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For this reason, Gregg Michaelsen, best-selling author, dating and life coach has prepared Build Yourself and He Will Come, an in-depth confidence course designed especially for women! This course contains videos, exercises, free books and much more. You will come away from this course the most confident you’ve ever been, ready to tackle the world!