The “Screw with Him” Text! In chapter One of Power Texting Men you learned how to build tension and attraction with your texts. Here, I want to give you another method to hit him hard, early in your relationship. This works best with an alpha male you think might be a bit harder to coral. This texting method is sneaky but fun!! Guys love a challenge and your texting is critical to keep him salivating until your next date. “Catch me if you can” is your motto, remember? How do you do it? You show him, through texting, that you are potentially dating other guys. Here is your example: You: “Gonna be late, be there at 10ish! If I see you in that silly shirt don’t look for me:)” You: “Whoops, sorry Jeff, wrong Jeff!” You can adjust your text to fit what you are most comfortable with, but the concept is the same. You are purposely sending the guy you’re trying to woo a text meant to go to another guy. In my example, even your text screams you are a catch and you have options. The text also shows that you are not afraid to screw with what your date might wear! You accomplish multiple goals:
  • He now knows that you have other guy options
  • He sees that you can stand up to men and tease them – this shows confidence
  • Your text is short and laser focused – just like his best guy friend would text him, so he relates
  • His challenge and mystery DNA chemicals are coursing through his veins!
Yes I doubled texted like I tell you never to do, but this is a powerful exception. You just told the guy you like that he had better try harder because you, my friend, have options. If he runs – who cares! This means he can’t compete and was never interested, or he is a jealous man… all of which makes him undateable. Sneaky? Yes. Are you screwing with him? Yes. Will he think that this is a hoax? No way. Why does this work? Because…how many times have you actually done this by mistake? Tons right? I still text the wrong person on occasion because I have so many people I text during the day. I get lazy and send the text to last person (the wrong person) I just texted. So let’s take advantage of this fact and create tension and attraction with your texts! Remember, you can be the best texter in the world but you still need to screen men and make sure they are even worth dating! Get my best seller Weed Out the Users today!

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