I get a lot of emails from my readers about sex. I answer them all individually but I leave the sex tips to the plethora of books and articles out there. I try to stay above the fray, if you will. Sex in a relationship is huge! Even if you are just hooking up – sex is huge. These things are hard to ignore, and let’s not forget, sex is extremely enjoyable second to – wait for it – nothing! Ok, food, money and good health is up there too but sex is pretty friggin’ awesome when it’s done right (and safely.) I always say men fail in the bedroom and I try to help my readers understand the need to teach their guy how to please them, but I rarely point out how women fall short with men! Oral sex is not just oral sex. Intercourse is not just intercourse! In my stupid, horny years I slept with a lot of women (yeah I know) and to this day I remember a few, not because they were beautiful, but because I remember how spectacular they were in the sack. I mean, one woman made my eyeballs spin around the in back of my brain – spectacular! Click Here for the Sex Book! We can’t ignore the fact that sex is a very important component in all relationships. If you want to keep your guy, you need to feed him filet mignon in the bedroom instead of hamburger helper! Should a relationship be based on sex? Of course not, although many relationships do survive longer than they should because of great sex. If you are going be a complete Jedi woman, as I teach in all my books, you need to be a master Jedi in the bedroom. This will complete your game, increase enjoyment for both of you 10 fold and keep your guy from ever straying. Can you imagine how many times the two of you are going to hop in the sack, do it in an elevator or join the mile high club if the sex is spectacular? Great sex should also keep a man off the porn sites, unless it includes you. Blow-by-BlowI am not going to write articles on oral sex and intercourse here, but we do need to address this subject and I have just the guy to help you. His name is Michael Webb and he is Oprah’s love expert who also happens to be a friend of mine. He has coached over ten thousand couples worldwide and is one of the most respected experts in his field. What he teaches is excellent and he does it in a professional way. I strongly recommend what he has to offer. Here is one great example! I believe this book is a must for any woman who wants to keep her guy and keep him happy! Click Here check it out! You are my motivation, Gregg  

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