Today, I’d like to share texting pros and cons for women. Every day, readers email me about getting back into the dating scene, and texting a man intimidates them. And it should because texting has become our primary way of communicating. The problem is that men and women share differently; most women make mistakes without realizing it.

Below are a few of the texting pros and cons for women.

Pros of Texting in a Relationship

When you text, you aren’t required to be fast on your feet with responses; your wittiness can shine because you have time to respond. In contrast, you are left face-to-face with a dry conversation if you can’t find anything witty to say.

Texts don’t show nervousness, so sweaty palms, shaky hands, and a quivering voice go unnoticed when you text.

When you practice ‘texting similarity’ with a guy, he perceives you as being in sync, and your relationship is harmonious. Additionally, you can be flirtatious between dates, keeping things a little hot.

A quick “I love you” or “Just thinking about you” text during the day can remind someone you care about them. Additionally, texting can be a quick response if you can’t talk to someone at that moment.

When distance separates you, texting can be an inexpensive and quick way to stay in touch.

And finally, women use texting to apologize, work out, or bring up issues. It’s often easier than apologizing or bringing up something negative face-to-face.

Cons of Texting in Relationships

You might find yourself in relationship texting maintenance mode; when you send more texts, he expects more. This heavy texting is associated with feeling dissatisfied with their relationship.

Often, you can’t decipher the mood of a text, so misunderstandings occur quickly and lead to arguments.

It’s also easy to overanalyze the texts you send and receive. This happens when you put weight on using capital letters, using exclamation points, capital letters, etc.

Your texting behavior can label you; you’re too needy, quick, or slow to respond, you can’t spell, your language skills are lacking, and so on.

Texting is not a good way to deepen a relationship. That requires face-to-face time where you can build intimacy.

Too much texting can make you look needy or clingy – stalkerish even.

You can edit texts and therefore modify them from the original thought. In contrast, a phone call is out there, and you can’t take your words back, so texts can be ‘false’ messages, not genuine from the heart.

You don’t get to know the ‘real’ person but the version of themselves that they want to send via text. For example, someone can be funnier and seem more relaxed than they are in person.

Using Texting When You Shouldn’t

While there are texting pros and cons for women, there are also times when texting is just the wrong way to communicate.

Texting can replace face-to-face contact if it is more comfortable, resulting in a lack of time spent together. Sometimes, couples find chemistry in texting that does not exist in person. 

On the other hand, you don’t have the advantage of using body language to accentuate your message. You can convey many messages through body language, which is a significant loss.

Today’s overuse of technology makes people unable to express emotions. They spend all their time in emotionless texts and emails instead of one-on-one communications. In face-to-face communication, you can see the outcome of what you say or do to someone.

Texting feels safe. You can remain at a level of casualness in a relationship where it neither declines nor advances. You’re alleviated from the challenge of taking things further and free of the anxiety of relationship failure.

On the other hand, relationships that rely heavily on texting can be easier to end. There is a lack of intimacy you only gain by spending time together in person.

Men use texting to distance themselves in a relationship or disengage from deeper intimacy. You’ll see them use texting to avoid hurting your feelings or growing closer if they’re afraid.

Beware that texting is a written form of communication that can be recalled later, including in legal battles. You may think you’re deleting texts, but experts can always dig them back up.

Texting Pros and Cons for Women

At the core of every fantastic relationship and great text is a conversation built out of challenging the other person. In your case, the guy you like. Your relationship will thrive if you use texting wisely and sprinkle in the right amount of face-to-face time.

Power Texting Men is a great book to help you get your texting mojo on! It provides you with tips on keeping things steamy between dates and getting him to respond to you sooner. You’ll also learn how to eliminate your texting blunders and learn the importance of timing, structure, and intent. Additionally, you’ll learn why less is more and what you can say that he’s never heard from any other woman. This book is a must-read for all women!

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