Texting mistakes that turn guys off are not always obvious to women. That’s because women text guys like they text other women and don’t understand how the male “texting mind” works. These texting blunders can be fixed with a few simple tips.

In my dating advice, like that given in my best seller, Power Texting Men, texting men is all about flirting, building excitement and getting a guy to the next date. But many women treat it as much more and that is not a good thing! I have compiled my top 10 texting blunders below.

Texting Mistakes that Turn Guys Off: You don’t change up when you text

Don’t text him every morning at 9 and each night before bed at 11. That shouts, “I lead a boring, scheduled life.” Keep him on his toes by texting him at different times of day.

Drunk texting

Need I say more? We have all done it – and regretted it. Shut down your phone, give it to your girlfriend or leave it inside your car. He doesn’t need to be told “I love you” 14 times.

Texting like he is your girlfriend

Ah, no. Don’t contact him and tell him about your day at the mall. He does not want to know how much money you saved by buying 10 pairs of shoes instead of 5. Victoria’s Secret? That’s a different text all together!

Texting Mistakes that Turn Guys Off

Texting like a 10 year old

“SRSLY! BTW, wut u doin 2nite?” Please! You are going to make me puke. Yes, it was cute when we were both were 10, but not now. Do this now and we are on to greener texting pastures.


Yet another bad idea. Sites are popping up all over the place that long for these naked pics so men can get even with their ex’s. Don’t do it. If you must, then no head shots. Maybe show a little cleavage or low panty lines – this gets guys even more horny.

Texting that leads nowhere

Don’t text him something like, “Wow, a just saw a cool car go by.” I’m thinking, who cares? How am I supposed to respond to that? And yet, I must. Again, texting is for flirting, getting to a date or building excitement between dates – and that’s it!

Texting Blunders: You went too heavy!

No. No! And NO! Never tell a man serious crap by texting. “Where are we headed in this relationship” or “I love you more than ever today” is not for texting. In fact, it should never happen anyway but do it in a text and you will be buying my book, How to Get Your Ex Back Fast!

The apology text

This is similar to the last one, but it stands alone because it is so awful! Never apologize to man, and this includes JK (just kidding), unless you run over his dog in his driveway.

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Double and triple texting

Not good. This makes you look desperate. If you ask him a question and he doesn’t respond, don’t ask again or say, “Did you get my text?” Of course he got your text. Be a high-value woman and shut it down until he texts you. This a common texting mistake that turns a guy off.

Chat room texting

Don’t rapid text like you are Skyping or IM’ing. Texting is a slow process, or it should be on your end. Slow it down and text back minutes, hours, days or even weeks later.

Avoid these 10 texting blunders and watch the men on the opposite end of your text start making these 10 mistakes!!! This is a good thing.

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