Toy with the Male Psyche and Get Him Back with Skills only a Dating Coach Knows


Good Advice! Step-by-Step Instructions

I had already stopped contacting my ex. when I got the book. I took the author’s advice, and tried the slip in/slip out technique and then social media.

I heard from my ex a few days later. Wow! My Ex really was listening and watching. I really was hurting before about the break up. I started to feel much better about the whole situation when reading the advice about focusing on yourself, building yourself up.

The author is right. I feel more of my own power and much more likely to value myself when it comes to interacting with my Ex.

Confidence and self esteem is attractive and I feel better. I will continue to follow through with that advice. Another bonus, Gregg, the Author allows you to email him with questions.

He responded to my email within a couple of hours. In the book, the author offers a free ebook to further help with the balance of power, called “Who Holds The Cards Now?” I am about to check it out now! This a Helpful to-the-point book with step by step instructions that are doable and give results.

Recommended for the Heartbroken

I purchased and read this right after I broke things off with a guy I was seeing who started to pull away and was unable to commit to me.

I felt absolutely shattered, miserable, lost, but reading the book would keep me sane and thinking with a clear head.

It’s comforting, like having a dating coach right by your side.


I am by no means completely moved on and recovered, but it’s amazing how looking at the bigger picture can bring you clarity from the situation.

It’s not a gimmick that tries to sell getting your ex back, but more so a guide to help you rebuild yourself, which increases the chances of him coming back.

I also respect how the author, Gregg was very responsive to my email. It shows this is not just a gimmick to make money, but he is investing his time in helping women in their time of need.

Ladies Get This Book!

In less then a week this book has changed my life.Its a short read and straight to the point. Ladies if you are trying to get back with your ex this book is the book to read.

What’s also so great about the book is that it is from the male point of view. I dont care how many other books you have read but until you read a book from the male view you/we will not get it.

I have followed two of the steps in the book and can I tell you they work. There is still more work/game to go but things are looking promising. And I’m willing and ready.

I cant tell you what the steps are so get the book, But I will tell you this. Mr Michalsen states in his book to email him and can I tell you I emailed him and 24 hours later he emailed me back.

And it wasnt a generic email he spoke about what I emailed him about. You cant get any better then that!!!!! Ladies get the book.


Don’t just read this book, take what you’re learning and turn it into valuable lessons!

When you buy the book, you can download the workbook for FREE!

Powerful tools inside include:

  • Examining past relationships
  • Eliminating behaviors that turn men away
  • Learning how to think like a man
  • Identifying the jerks of the past so you don’t date them again
  • Articulating what the one really looks like
  • Many. Many. More lessons!


I know you’re hurting right now. There’s a deep aching inside you that doesn’t seem to want to go away. All you can think about is how to get him back. What can you do? What did you do wrong? Why did he leave?

Instead of focusing on those things, let’s focus on you and getting him back indirectly. What I mean by this is that you’ll stop all contact, you’ll write him a goodbye letter, and you’ll tell him to come get his things. This makes the breakup real for him. Right now, he’s playing around. He got bored or he felt smothered and he stepped back, thinking you’ll be sitting there waiting for him when he’s decided it’s time to return.

He’s taking you for granted and that just plain stinks! No man should think he can play you like that and you’ll be teaching this guy he can’t either! Don’t shy away because you’re reading this! It works! Once he realizes he has the potential to truly lose you and he sees the positive changes you’re going to make, he will be begging you to take him back.

The first seven steps are designed to make it real for him. From there, while he’s stewing in his own juices and beginning to worry about losing you, you’ll be busy making positive changes in your life. This breakup has put a big ding in your self-esteem and confidence, as has life in general.

Now that you’re (temporarily) single, it’s time to work on that and get you back up to par. Don’t worry, he will notice and it will be part of his motivation when he comes begging!

A word of caution – don’t get this book unless you want him back – because he will be back.


Yes, I'm a guy, but that's where your source of power comes from! I approach dating from the male perspective, helping you know what men are thinking!

You've been listening to your girlfriends, your mom and your sisters and where has it gotten you so far?
Failed relationships, frustration and loneliness, right? And you're sick of it!
Women talk to me every day and they know what you have yet to learn...my advice works!
I know what men want to hear from you and I tell you what that is!
Each weekend, I go out and find women just like you. I sit with them, I text their boyfriends for them and I tell them which guys in the room they should go after, then I coach them on how to do it. Every day, I hear from women who are widows and those just out of long-term relationships. I help them all!
They leave happy, amazed and ready for love!
I've survived being the youngest of four kids with three older sisters.
I have seen heartbreak first hand and I've experienced heartbreak first hand in my own relationships.
I know what I wish my girlfriends would have said and done. I know why it didn't work. I've done the research and now, I'm bringing it to you.
I'm here for you.
You motivate me!

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