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Learn What to Text a Guy!

How many texts do you send YOUR man…but you never get a reply…?

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Dating/life coach and best-selling author Gregg Michaelsen knows you can text but he is also aware that, like everything else, men and women text differently. Women tend to send men a book in one or two texts while men will come back with a word or two—hours later. Meanwhile, the woman is now either angry or more angry at the short response and the delay.

Here’s the thing…he’s not ignoring you or blowing you off – that’s just how men do it. Men aren’t into the long book-like texts and they don’t view a text as something which requires an immediate response.

Learn what to text a guy so you speak his language!

Power Texting Men will:

  • Give you 21 jaw-dropping and seductive texts that you’ve just got to use!
  • Make him respond to you when you want him to
  • Keep him hooked on you until the next date
  • Knock out all of your current texting blunders
  • Show how timing, structure, intent and emoticons matter
  • Get specific examples of what to text a guy

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Much of what Gregg Michaelsen coaches his clients to do focuses upon building confidence – upon building themselves. In his work with women, however, one thing has become clear – not only do men and women need to build their confidence in order to be in healthy relationships, but women need to have a thorough understanding of men.

It is for this reason that Michaelsen has created his understanding men course, The Man Whisperer. This course features just over 2 dozen short, digestible lessons, 14 videos, 8 infographics and FREE copies of three of Michaelsens best sellers.