What to Text a Guy Matters! How many texts have you sent YOUR man…just to be met with silence?

Is there a mystery to texting men?

Not any more! Gregg demystifies texting men with his 2016 Best Seller that has sold ten’s of 1000’s!

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what to text a guy

There are preventable mistakes you ladies are making when you text, but fear not, I’m here to help!

I own several books by Grant Hall, Nate Truman, Michael Fiore, James Taylor, and Steve Harvey. I was expecting this short read by Gregg Michaelsen to be a directory of pre-made texts, but was pleasantly surprised at how much useful dating advice was jam-packed into it. There are some great, ready-made texts in this book and Gregg gives you the concepts & rules to make your own texts and how to avoid major blunders. —Drea

Your night game and your future man demand a complete package in a woman. What to text a guy matters. Any weak link in your armor could send him packing. Your weak link is texting men!

Power Texting Men will:

  • Give you 21 jaw-dropping and seductive texts that you’ve just got to use!
  • Make him respond to you when you want him to
  • Keep him hooked on you until the next date
  • Knock out all of your current texting blunders
  • Show how timing, structure, intent and emoticons matter


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With this texting guide, you’ll never push a guy away again!

Say things that he has NEVER heard from another woman!

I’m going to tell you what men want you to say to them in texts.

Learn the secret of “radio silence” and less is more!

Texting is certainly where it is at now during dating and relationships. Everyone does it. What to text a guy matters. But HOW you do it without mucking up the relationship and instead, create a more exciting and powerful one – certainly two different things. Gregg does a great job giving the pitfalls as well as golden gems of advice. –Karen

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