Surviving a breakup in your 40s is no small task. I chose the age of 40 because I wanted this article to be for women who need help surviving the breakup of a long-term relationship.

All breakups hurt, but it can be excruciating when you’ve been a part of a duo for decades. The years when you took care of yourself are most likely distant memories. You gave and gave and gave, and now you are alone.

Who do you turn to? What do you do right now? Is there any glimmer of hope?

Let me be your glimmer of hope with a few unorthodox ideas.

Surviving a Breakup in Your 40s

Cry Your Eyes Out

Cry your eyes out until you’re out of tears. But do it with one rule. Set a specific time limit on your grief. Whether it’s three days or a week is immaterial, but don’t make it longer.

Stop and Consider

In between periods of crying, you’ll have moments when you stop and feel completely normal, like nothing ever happened. Your mind is taking a break and not letting you think about him; it’s a self-defensive mechanism.

During one of these timeouts, feel your pain and decide it’s beautiful. You’re experiencing a part of love; it’s just the opposite swing of the pendulum.

Don’t fight the breakup and feelings. Instead, embrace it and tell yourself you loved like only a human can, and you are better for it. The people who really should be crying are the ones who never loved.

Write the Letter

Write him a letter and tell him everything. Tell him what you loved about him, what you hated, the great times you remember, and what you couldn’t stand about him. Add anything else you want to say, but get angry and allow all the feelings to pour out onto the page.

surviving a breakup in your 40s

Now, Burn the Letter

You didn’t think I would have you send that letter, did you? No. This letter isn’t telling him you forgive him; it’s permitting you to move on. Do it and feel the finality as you watch the letter burn.

Make a Decision

While the letter is still smoldering, tell yourself there’s a new and exciting life waiting for you, and you will love again soon. Tell yourself it starts tomorrow. Then, Get the help you need here!

In the Morning

Exercise hard, but this isn’t about slimming down. When you work out, happy chemicals are released into your body. These chemicals make you feel stronger and more positive, and they combat the negative chemicals making you miserable. You need these hormones, and you produce them by working out.

Connect with Nature

Go snowshoeing, walk on a beach, or get lost on a hiking trail. Nature cures everything. Google the why if you need to, but get out there and let your senses take it all in like you have never have before. Nature is God’s natural drug – get addicted!

surviving a breakup in your 40s

Surviving a Breakup in Your 40s | Gather Your Entourage

Gather your closest friends and family and ask them to help you stay busy and upbeat. They’ll know what to do. Stay at their house for a few nights.

Go out to eat and go shopping. Buy yourself something and practice self-care. Encourage them to take on a new hobby with you. Whatever you do, spend as little as possible alone.

Book a Vacation

You’re feeling better and won’t sulk in Cozumel while skinny dipping! Seriously, getting away can be a great way to reset. No, you aren’t running away from your problems, but you are taking time to regroup and recuperate.

Embrace the Change

Change your life in some way:

  • Find a new favorite coffee house.
  • Create a new and vibrant social life.
  • Change your dress and change your hair – heck, why not!

Today is the day you get angry and break out. Your ex is dead to you, and now you have entered the “You know, I can do a whole lot better than him” stage.

Surviving a Breakup in Your 40s

Surviving a breakup in your 40s is a lot about your attitude and willingness to pull yourself up by your sandal straps and get on with life. Yes, you went through something life-altering and devastating, but that doesn’t mean your life is over!

Allow yourself some time to grieve, then consider one or both of the books below. They will help you get back out there as a healthy, confident woman ready for love!

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You'll also learn about the stages of grieving a relationship and how to begin moving forward. You'll walk through the steps of preparing yourself for dating again and gain an understanding of how you can do so in a healthy, happy relationship.

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