When you get dumped or you dump him, you need a plan. It doesn’t matter if your in college or you’re a woman in your 40’s. A plan to get over your breakup fast!

Get Over Your Breakup Fast

#1: Establish Your Chick Retreat

Every guy has, or at least tries to have, his own Man Cave. We all get a chuckle out of this place, but the truth is this is a more powerful place than you may have imagined. The Man Cave is where a guy can be himself and have his fun – without you. You, my dear, need a chick retreat! This setting will help you get over your breakup fast. You are welcome to call it something different. Your Chick Retreat is where you go to feel safe and calm. Much like the Man Cave, this is a place all yours. No Men Allowed! No negative thoughts about your ex are allowed in the Chick Retreat. Here, only good things take place. This is where healing and positive attitude advancement happens. This is where you re-set. Get my Best Selling eBook FREE by clicking Own Your Tomorrow | 14 Steps to Prepare for Love!! This retreat can exist in multiple places, but your main retreat should be in or very near your home. It should be somewhere close enough to go to in a pinch. Mine is in my indoor hot tub room because I live in the city.

Find your chick retreat!

When I lived in the country, it was in my backyard, on top of a large boulder. Secondary spots can work too, like a friend’s house or even a table with your local masseuse. Regardless of where it is, set it up. When I enter my hot tub room, I dim the lights, close the door, and settle into the tub. I take multiple deep breaths and play new age music in the background. This is my decompress mode. I clear my mind and meditate. Once I hear the slam of the door, there is a clear change inside me. I am relaxed. Nothing, I mean nothing, toxic comes through that door. Yes, my mind wants to wander and think about what is bothering me, and there is always plenty, but I pull back into my zone. After ten to thirty minutes, I come out and relax in my chair, located in the same room. Sometimes at this point, I might brainstorm ideas for future books or I might just have a glass of wine and day dream. Other times, I have friends over and we crank tunes and smoke cigars. This is your room, there are no rules except one – it is always a special and happy place. The power of your chick retreat is an incredible way to get over your breakup fast and until you set one up under these pretenses, you won’t what I’m talking about. It’s a powerful, and even spiritual place for you to advance your thinking. Life changes occur in this special retreat.

Get Over Your Breakup Fast

#2: You’re More Beautiful than You Think! Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Here is my second way for you to get over your breakup fast. I read a lot of crap every day and I’m sure you do too, but somedays, I come across something which makes a lasting impact on me and I feel the need to share it with you. This is one of those things! I’m talking about a YouTube video that came out years ago and has over 66 million views! I saw it last year for the first time when it was brought to my attention. Since then, I have sent it to hundreds of my readers who couldn’t find the strength to get over their breakups. I base some of my coaching principles around this special video. Before I disclose this video, I need to preface it by talking about the evil voices most of us have in our heads at one time or another, especially after a breakup. The more stories I hear from the women I coach, the more I’m convinced there is an evil person in the room…and his or her name is you! I’m talking about the one person who constantly harasses you – YOU! Every day, people are subjected to a constant onslaught of internal insults – stuff like “I’m not good enough”, or “I will never survive this breakup” or “he will never love me.” Is this the voice inside of you? Do you say these things without even being aware of it? This evil person lies within, and you may not be able to control her without intervention. Most people will go to their grave with this insulting person. Stop this evil voice today – start right now! Negative Nelly is slowly killing you, and when I say killing you I mean killing you! She will affect your health, your relationships, your career and everything else important to you. Kill her off and displace her with a new, positive voice, then watch the heavens open. “But Gregg…how do I get rid of this voice? It sounds hard!” You get rid of Negative Nelly with affirmations, and believe me, they work! You’ve heard of them and probably even made fun of them, but has anyone taught you how to do affirmations and why they work? Have you talked to someone who has broken through, changed their bad habit and accomplished great things? No? Well, now you have! Every day I do them, and every day you can find me strongly urging one of my readers to use them. I too once thought this was hocus pocus nonsense. When my mentor started teaching me, I laughed. I’d look in the mirror and tell myself “I love you”, but I didn’t believe it.

Repeat Affirmations Until You Believe Them

The truth is, I hated myself and nobody was going to take that away from me. I was wrong. My mentor was persistent! He didn’t give up until I promised I would commit to saying my affirmations until I believed them. This, studies say, takes most people 66 days, on average. I did it in 35. Life changing? Yes. Easy? Easier than I ever thought possible. The bottom line is this: most people are their own worst enemy. In this video, the most phenomenal video I’ve ever seen, you will see a powerful example of just what we’ve been talking about. “Where’s the friggin’ video, Gregg?!” I thought you would never ask! Watch the video now click HERE. Take these 2 tips and use them. They will help you get over your breakup fast I promise! Oh, and if you need tests to find out if you dating a loser and need to break up click here: Am I Dating a Loser?

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