Happy Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Day got me thinking how sometimes women act like groundhogs when they are trying to find a man of their dreams.

How can I be so insulting you ask? Well, for instance, we only hear about groundhogs once a year when they pop their heads out to see if anyone sees their shadow or not.  I see many women doing the same thing.

You can’t find a man of your dreams if you only pop your head out once a year! In other words you need to pop out often so you make opportunities for yourself to find a man of your dreams.

Yeah, yeah, you tell me you just can’t find him and yet when I ask how many hours the past week you dedicated yourself to trying I get, “Ah, well, I popped my head out to go grocery shopping and saw a cute guy does that count?”

No, because you went out to get Cheerios and not to find a man of your dreams.

Finding a man of your dreams needs to be treated like a job. A fun job!

Here are my top 3 tips:

Take advantage of all the opportunities life gives you.
If you see a cute guy getting in the elevator, get in the elevator and follow him to his floor! Have a line ready to go. “I’m lost can you help me find the cafeteria?” “and are you hungry?” If you are at a local fair and you see a couple of guys eating cotton candy – go eat cotton candy!

Mix up your routine
I bet most of your days are like the movie Groundhog Day. I bet you drive through the same coffee joint and you eat at the same place for lunch and you work out at the same gym at the same time. I get it. People get into habits. Break the habit and change your routine so you get new exposure to different people. Go to a different Starbucks. Go inside if you normally do drive throughs. Quit your gym and join a different gym or go to your gym at different hours.

Study comedy
This is a weird yet great tip that I would use to meet women in my earlier years and now I still use it to meet new people. Train yourself to be  funny by watching comedians. Watch them on YouTube. Yes, you can make yourself a funnier person that people will love. Men are attracted to women that are funny! Study how the pros get people to laugh with their lines and delivery and come up with your own personal style. You can be a funny, adorable, groundhog!

Furthermore, knowing that you can make a guy laugh will bring you the confidence to jump on that elevator, so you can ask him to lunch.

Are you getting my point?

I have about 20 or so set lines in my “get them to laugh arsenal” that always work. I just need to place myself in the situation or set up the situation to make use of them.

For example, I love to eat rare steak.  I have a place near Delray Beach Florida where it’s totally normal to eat alone at an outside bar. Lots of people eat alone. I make it a point to sit down next to a person I want to meet. Then, when my steak arrives I poke the thing with my fork and I say out loud, “A skilled veterinarian could bring this back to life!”

Everyone who has ever heard this has laughed profusely. If a woman said that to me I would love to talk to her. Try it!

So you see you are no match for a groundhog when it comes to finding the man of your dreams so pop out of your apartment/condo/house more often so us guys can see your shadow!

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