Today is Groundhog Day, and that got me thinking about how sometimes women act like groundhogs when trying to find a man of their dreams.

How can I be so insulting? We only hear about groundhogs once a year when they pop their heads out to find their shadow or not. Some women do the same thing in their pursuit of a man.

You can’t find a man of your dreams if you only try once in a while! You need to get out there often and create opportunities for finding love.

Yeah, you tell me you just can’t find him, and yet when I ask how many hours the past week you dedicated yourself to trying, I get, “Ah, well, I went grocery shopping and saw a cute guy. Does that count?”

No, because you went out to get Cheerios and not to find a man of your dreams.

Instead of thinking about finding a great guy as drudgery, think of it as an adventure. It’s a way to have fun with your friends. The bonus is the great guy! 

Here are three tips to find a man of your dreams.

Take Advantage of All the Opportunities Life Gives You

If you see a cute guy getting on the elevator, follow him to his floor! Have a line ready, like “I’m lost. Can you help me find the cafeteria?” and “Are you hungry?” If you are at a local fair and see a couple of guys eating cotton candy, get some cotton candy!

find a man of your dreams

Find a Man of Your Dreams | Mix up Your Routine

Are most of your days like the movie Groundhog Day where every day is exactly the same as the last? I bet you drive through the same coffee place, eat at the same place for lunch, and work out at the same gym at the same time every day.

I get it. People develop habits that can be suitable for some areas of their life. But breaking habits can be good too. It provides exposure to different people, and it keeps your mind sharp. Think about it. How many times a week do you need to drive by your home after leaving to make sure you put the garage door down when you left? It’s so automatic that when you stop to wonder, you don’t know whether it’s down or not.

Then, you get a new car or a new garage door opener, and you’re forced to think about where the button is. For a few weeks, you don’t wonder because putting the door down was a conscious effort.

Study Comedy

Train yourself to be funny by watching comedians. Watch them on YouTube and make yourself a funny person people will love. Men are attracted to funny women! Study how the pros get people to laugh with their lines and delivery and develop your style. You can be a funny, adorable groundhog!

Furthermore, knowing that you can make a guy laugh will give you the confidence to jump on that elevator and ask him to lunch.

I have roughly twenty set lines in my get them to laugh, arsenal. All I need to do is set up the situation to use them.

For example, I love to eat rare steak.  I have a place near Delray Beach, Florida, where eating alone at an outside bar is standard. Lots of people eat alone. I make it a point to sit down next to someone I want to meet. Then, when my steak arrives, I poke the thing with my fork and say aloud, “A skilled veterinarian could bring this back to life!”

Everyone who has ever heard this has laughed profusely. Suppose a woman said that to me; I would love to talk to her. Try it!

So you see, you are no match for a groundhog when it comes to finding Mr. Right, so pop out of your home more often so guys can see your shadow!

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