The Science of Making Him Fall in Love with You


Can't Say Enough about this Book!

I really cannot say enough great things about this book!

Gregg offers many specific techniques and suggestions that will help guide you in the dating process every single step of the way.

I’ve read many books regarding this topic but this one gets very specific yet is simple at the same time.

It will have you thinking “ah ha!” with every page turn. Highly recommended!

You Need this Book!

Great book.

I already have high self esteem and yet I don’t go out by myself to meet men. I am single again after a long term relationship ended.

Now I know it’s best to get out there and meet the quality men I am looking for.

Gregg gives us tips and advice. I am going to follow his advice and implement his guide!!

Eye Contact!

As always every book of Mr. Michaelsen is amazing.

I wish I would have get these amazing tips and advice long time ago.

But hey, it’s never to late.

I totally loved it and the tip about holding the eye contact with Adonis actually works amazing.

Totally recommended

A Step-by-Step Approach

Gregg Michaelsen provides a clear educational insight into the dating scene and looks at both sides of the coin.

His step by step approach gives food for thought as he guides you through the dating scenes you are likely to encounter along the way.

He guides you in the direction of success.


When you’re scouting prospective men in any location, understanding body language can give you an edge over your female counterparts.

What does it mean when a guy stands with his hands in his pockets in a specific way? 

When he runs his fingers through his hair, what’s he saying?

If he squares his shoulders toward someone in the room, what does that mean?

This body language  eGuide will tell you everything you need to know about the actions a man is making, often without realizing it.

You’ll be able to pick out the guys who are interested in you versus the guys who want in your pants, just by understanding the smallest gestures.


You may not realize it, but the color of your lipstick has a lot to do with attraction. Men are attracted to red lipstick, according to science.

Scientists have also uncovered steps to attraction and many other things you can do to get the attention of a man you’re interested in. For example, you can use eye contact to convey the message that you’re interested in a guy. It’s all about looking his way, then looking away and looking back. Timing is everything!

With the information in this book, you will have the recipe for dating success! You will be able to either make positive moves toward a man you’re interested in or keep from sending the wrong vibes to one you don’t want to meet. 

Learn the power of brushing past a man you’re interested in or, if you engage him in conversation, brushing your hand over his arm as you reach for the popcorn or nachos. 

There is so much packed into this book, it’s hard to tell you all about it in such a small space! You’ll just have to read it and find out for yourself!


Yes, I'm a guy, but that's where your source of power comes from! I approach dating from the male perspective, helping you know what men are thinking!

You've been listening to your girlfriends, your mom and your sisters and where has it gotten you so far?
Failed relationships, frustration and loneliness, right? And you're sick of it!
Women talk to me every day and they know what you have yet to learn...my advice works!
I know what men want to hear from you and I tell you what that is!
Each weekend, I go out and find women just like you. I sit with them, I text their boyfriends for them and I tell them which guys in the room they should go after, then I coach them on how to do it. Every day, I hear from women who are widows and those just out of long-term relationships. I help them all!
They leave happy, amazed and ready for love!
I've survived being the youngest of four kids with three older sisters.
I have seen heartbreak first hand and I've experienced heartbreak first hand in my own relationships.
I know what I wish my girlfriends would have said and done. I know why it didn't work. I've done the research and now, I'm bringing it to you.
I'm here for you.
You motivate me!

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