You Caught Him Now How to Keep Him Hooked?

True, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but you seem to only snag losers. Maybe one or two seemed promising, but you just couldn’t keep him hooked and on the line – and you lost him.

Or maybe they just weren’t worth keeping, so you threw them back and waited for the next one to bite. Then finally it happens. You score the catch of a lifetime. The one you have been waiting for. You feel that rush of excitement as you reel him in. The sex is great and your dog likes him. But now what? How do you keep him hooked forever ?

If you have read any of my best selling books, you should be a confident woman who knows what she wants in life and in love. You have your own hobbies, career goals, a great circle of friends, and an understanding of the male psyche.

And let’s face it; understanding men is half the battle! You are ready for lasting love, and you have finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with — a man of value. THE ONE. He appreciates you for the amazing person you are, he loves being with you, and he doesn’t want to lose you.

Your relationship is great — but your challenge is to KEEP it that way! Even when all the important elements are there, (love, trust, respect, intimacy, appreciation, and so on) relationships take work. In time, that honeymoon fades. You’ve seen it happen before. But this time things will be different. This time it’s forever.

How to Keep Him Hooked

It’s easy to keep a guy hooked IF you understand men

First things first. Have you read Pennies in the Jar: How to Keep a Man for Life? It’s like a relationship toolbox — an insurance policy against affairs and harm from devastating life events. If you really want to keep him hooked I would suggest you pick up a copy.

It really is possible to build an impenetrable wall around your relationship by learning how to rack up tons of great memories — pennies in the jar! Once you learn how to accomplish this, you will possess the skills to keep a man for life!

How to Keep Him Hooked Tips

  • A couple that plays together stays together! Yes, it’s important to have your own interests, but also sharing a mutual hobby (or hobbies) is a great way to have fun together and create good memories.
  • Go out on date nights! Sure, staying home in your PJs and cuddling on the couch with a movie is always nice. But you also need to get out there and experience all the exciting things life has to offer you as a couple. Make time for dates and let him show you off a little. Date like they did in the 70’s!
  • Manage your emotions. This one is a biggie, and he will love you all the more for it. That doesn’t mean stuff it all down inside. It means being mindful of overreacting.
  • Know how to fight fair. Another biggie. EVERY couple fights now and then. It doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. But you have to fight fair. Cheap shots, grudges and a fiery temper can destroy what you have, and how you fight can seriously make or break a relationship.
  • Learn to have balance and great communication. Men don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves like women tend to do. So it’s important to keep the lines of communication comfortable and open.
  • Remember to laugh together. Because laughter really is the best medicine!
  • Grow together by writing each other. Create a Couple’s Journal with your man.


To learn more, grab your copy today!. And since you have a great guy who wants to be with you, chances are he will be willing to be an active participant in keeping your relationship strong. Maybe he will even read it himself!

Seriously, if a guy can pick up 50 Shades of Gray out of sheer curiosity or possibly even jealousy (what is it about this dude named Gray, and why on earth is my girlfriend reading this?), he can read Pennies in the Jar: How to Keep a Man for Life

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