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Learn How to Stop Dating Losers

Have you had your heart broken by a user or player?

The book to end that heartbreak is here! Players beware! I am teaching women how to sniff out those users, as well as the couch potatoes and losers! THE book to end the player’s game is finally here!

Learn How to Stop Dating Losers Once and for All!

Think of the player as a wolf in sheep’s clothing! He comes on the scene looking and smelling great. He says all the right things and he appears to hang on your every word. He’s a great listener and he actually cares about your dog, Sophie’s near fatal trip to the vet last week.

You won’t fall for this again! This guy is most likely a player. Once you read Weed Out the Users, The Couch Potatoes and The Losers, you won’t get sucked into this guys game again. I tell you how to sniff out this wolf by exposing all of his tricks.

Beware of The Loser Too

The loser is a little different than a user. The loser has good intentions, or so he thinks, but he’s not marriage material for one reason or another. I’ll show you the traits of a loser and you’ll know whether you’ve been dating one or not. Losers, unlike users, will hang on for years, leading you to think that ring is right around the corner. It’s not and you’ll see why.

And Then, There Are The Snoozers

Now the snoozer is a guy we can work with. This guy is moldable and if you’ve caught yourself a snoozer, I can help you turn him into Mr. Right! Learn how to determine whether or not your guy is a snoozer and what you can do to get the relationship headed on the right track!

There’s More!!

After a brief discussion about what Mr. Right looks like, we’ll dive into how you can get rid of that user or loser! I’ve got the process laid out right in the book – all you need to do is follow the steps.

This book contains loads of help in understanding how the good men get away and what you can do to prevent it from happening. Learn the difference in how men and women view the progression of a relationship and much, much more. This book has it all!

Learn How to Stop Dating Losers and end the cycle of choosing the wrong men today!