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Let me, a top dating coach and author, teach you about understanding men in relationships. Men get away with so much stuff! Why? Because you let us!

After you read this book, you will be able to strip a man of his power, render him helpless, and power him up only after you have gained what you want from him through his actions!

This understanding men book is a real jewel. I honestly thought Gregg was talking about me and my ex boyfriend in this book. It was so on the money it was unreal. I honestly think that if I’d had this book a year ago I would still be with him.

It broke my heart in fact reading this book. I’ve done everything wrong. It explained so many things about my ex, including why he was still pining after his hard nosed ex wife who walked all over him and why he really wasn’t ready for a relationship when I met him.

I learned that what men say they want and what they actually want = world’s apart.
This book made me feel incredibly enlightened. I just hope I get a second shot at a good man because I sure as hell won’t mess it up this time with Gregg beside me – and I don’t just mean his books, he really is there too.
This book should be required reading for all women. For less than a cup of coffee, why wouldn’t you?
I’ve been trying a few things out on male friends and even strangers and its been a real eye opener.
If you want to understand your man I highly recommend this book to you. Hopefully you’ll catch your relationship while it can still be fixed…. —Julie

This book provides you with a blueprint of the male mind.

A man’s days of getting what he wants from you are over! Now you’re going to get what you want out of a man!

You’re going to see the blueprint to a man’s mind:

  • Learn the pathway to manhood that every guy takes
  • Understand how men show love differently from you
  • Gain insight into our “keeper” checklist and find your LION
  • Find out what 3 things men require (and it’s not what you think!)
  • Learn the 5 mistakes women make so you won’t make them any more!
  • Understand a man and know how he thinks


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After you gain an understanding of men in relationships, I’m going to give you your new playbook:

  • Learn why (and how) you must learn to control your emotions
  • Practice being in “man mode”
  • Become a high-value woman
  • Get the best secret: Gregg’s formula for attraction
  • Know which guys to dump and which ones to keep

I have been searching for these answers for years! The book has changed my thinking already! Thank you so much for the expert help. —Amy

This book is a great read for women who have ever been confused by why a man never seems to stick around. The answers are all right here in this book. While it is short, this book is right on point.

To Date a Man You Must Understand a Man is an easy to read book that you might complete in one day but it is filled with eye openers that can change your whole view on the opposite sex. Without tools like this book, we look for red flags when we meet someone but our emotions get in the way. The book is empowering in many ways. It shows you a lot about men and what a “man of value” will do in a relationship and exactly what you should be watching for.

This read also explains what a man who does not value himself will likely do, and how he’s “playing” you; they might not even know they are playing you, it all comes down to whether or not a man has established self worth. And don’t you want someone who has? This understanding men in relationships eBook also shows you what you’re going to have to do in your own life to make yourself worthy of this type of man. It’s very pragmatic and it’s incredibly helpful. It’s a really honest approach. I felt like I was getting a “talking to” from the wise big brother (or dad) you never had. –Esperansa

Today is the day you learn how to communicate with a man like a man!

The best part…he won’t even realize you’re doing it! Hit the button below and start understanding men in relationships today.

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