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Where IS the manual on understanding men in relationships?

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Gregg Michaelsen, dating & life coach and best-selling author, brings you exactly what you need to know to understand men in relationships! Women let men get away with so much crap! This book changes that, without yelling, without fights, without tears. This book doesn’t just change your relationships with your boyfriend or husband, it changes your life with all men!

Understanding Men in Relationships – The Ultimate Blueprint of the Male Mind

Who better than a man to unroll the blueprint of the male mind? In this Number One Best Seller, Michaelsen provides women with an easy-to-understand guide to the inner workings of the male mind. He teaches readers:

  • The Conveyor Belt to Manhood – how all boys grow into men and what it means to women
  • That men show love differently than women – you’re missing signals but Michaelsen helps women see them
  • What men are looking for when seeking their keeper and how to recognize and snag a lion
  • The three things men require in a relationship – you will be surprised!
  • The five mistakes women make and how to fix them
  • How to understand the male mind and use this information to your advantage

Man Mode!

You’re going to learn how to think, act and react like a man – Man Mode! Man Mode, in it’s simplest definition is doing and saying the things men will do and say before they do or say them! He’s going to hang out with his friends and watch football…you leave before he does, looking hot and letting him know you’re heading out to be with your girlfriends. Talk about a game changer! He’ll watch football but he’ll be thinking of you!

That’s just a small snapshot of what you’ll learn!

Bonuses Included!

Inside To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man, you will receive a FREE Workbook. This workbook will help you magnify your learning by leading you, chapter by chapter, through exercises.

You will also be invited to receive a free copy of another of my best sellers – but you’ll have to buy the book to find out which one! 🙂

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Much of what Gregg Michaelsen coaches his clients to do focuses upon building confidence – upon building themselves. In his work with women, however, one thing has become clear – not only do men and women need to build their confidence in order to be in healthy relationships, but women need to have a thorough understanding of men.

It is for this reason that Michaelsen has created his understanding men course, The Man Whisperer. This course features just over 2 dozen short, digestible lessons, 14 videos, 8 infographics and FREE copies of three of Michaelsens best sellers.