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Find a man

Find a Man!

If there is one thing that blows my mind it’s this:
Why are so many wonderful women still single?
I hate to think that you’ve given up! I believe the secret to find a man is as simple as understanding what you can do better and I’m here to help!

I’m the kind of person who is constantly consoling friends (both men and women) when their relationship goes south and the inevitable heartbreak follows. I’m also the one they turn to for advice on dating. Sometimes I need a little help figuring out what to say to my friends, so I tend to read relationship books. The Social Tigress is one of the best common sense, no nonsense books I’ve ever read.

As a woman, I can appreciate both the humor and wisdom of Gregg’s words. The first part of the book takes a woman through steps to regain or improve her value and self confidence, which, let’s face it, we all need reminders of from time to time. Then the book goes into practical application of your newly found confidence in perusing a potential date, and how to keep him interested once he’s talking to you. The Tigress helps you find a man!

One of the things I really enjoyed about The Social Tigress is the very simple “Challenges” at the end of each chapter, to engage the reader to use what they learn in that chapter-in their every day life. Gregg is really great at explaining why each Challenge is a necessary progression of the first basic principles of the value and confidence a Tigress must have inside her.

I even read some portions of this book to my boyfriend and asked him what he thought. He said Gregg was “right on target” about a lot of the information and insight into the male psyche. If you’re a lady wondering why she’s still single, and how to find a GOOD quality man, The Social Tigress is the book for you! —Jewels

In this book is a secret just for you: 5 surefire ways to meet quality men – and they’re not what you think! Along with those are 4 steps that you can take tonight to start attracting men!

The Social Tigress will help you find a man by:

  • Defining who you really are
  • Determining what type of man you really want
  • Finding and meeting that man at his venues (which aren’t bars!)
  • Chasing down your passions while meeting men
  • Boosting your confidence!


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Come to the book open to a man’s advice, bring a little attitude and let me change your life!

Another great book written by Gregg about the art of dealing with men. Being an introvert I found this book both very helpful and challenging. It teaches you how to push your boundaries just a little bit so you can get what you deserve.
I love the idea of becoming a woman of value first so you can not only feel great but also attract a better quality men.
Once you find your passion and love yourself first you become irresistible to others.
I liked that the book, unlike others, gives you some very practical dating tips. It tells you how to tell a good guys from the bad ones before you even talk to them.This saves you from falling for the pick up con artist which certainly happened to me before.

By showing you how to be proactive rather than reactive with guys it gives you a chance to be a chooser.
Another great thing are the little exercises at the end of each chapter. Some of them take more courage than others but they are all fun and make you actually get out there and start doing something rather than just talking about this.
I already started trying it for real and it definitely works for me. —Irmina

The time has come to attract men with an emotional connection, NOT SEX!

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