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If there is one thing that blows my mind it’s this – why are so many wonderful women still single? I hate to think that you’ve given up! I believe the secret to find a man is as simple as understanding what you can do better and I’m here to help!

In this book is a secret just for you. Five sure-fire ways to meet quality men – and they’re not what you think! Additionally author and dating/life coach Gregg Michaelsen gives you 4 steps you can take tonight to start attracting men!

The Social Tigress will help you find a man by:

  • Helping you define who you really are
  • Uncovering what type of man you really want
  • Teaching you how to find and meet great men where they hang out – hint: it’s not bars
  • Showing you how pursuing your hobbies and passions will help you meet Mr. Right
  • Boosting your confidence!

Women who are open-minded when they read WILL succeed!

This book will take you to some new places so you need to go into the process with an open mind! If you do that, Michaelsen will give you all the tools you need to not only meet but attract high value men. You will have your pick of men! You will be the chooser, not the chosen!


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Much of what Gregg Michaelsen coaches his clients to do focuses upon building confidence – upon building themselves. In his work with women, however, one thing has become clear – not only do men and women need to build their confidence in order to be in healthy relationships, but women need to have a thorough understanding of men.

It is for this reason that Michaelsen has created his understanding men course, The Man Whisperer. This course features just over 2 dozen short, digestible lessons, 14 videos, 8 infographics and FREE copies of three of Michaelsens best sellers.