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Understanding Yourself Starts Now. Do you wonder why you’re still single?

Are you constantly dating ‘wet kittens’?

You asked me for a proactive book to understanding yourself and here it is!

I’m going to get you in top dating shape before you go in search of Mr. Right!

We are going to look at the story of two different women to identify the areas in which they  need to improve. Then we are going to show you, as compared to them, the necessary steps to understanding yourself so you can love others.

You are likely some combination of the two women in this book. Identify which parts are good and which need some work, and I’ll help you get moving in improving where needed!

In To Date a Man You Must Understand Yourself, we are going to:

  • Study the science behind positive thinking
  • Understand the role technology is playing in our lives today
  • Learn how to become a Woman of Worth (WOW!)
  • Get the secrets to seducing a man
  • Learn Gregg’s Principles of Attraction
  • Start understanding yourself on a much higher level

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It’s time to stop being a rest stop and start being a rock star! Quality men want to date quality women!

It was very empowering ! I can’t really tell you how good the book is because it’s something you will have to ready yourself . And this book was the reason I went from a Jennifer to a Meghan and once you read it you will understand what that means . It’s more than a dating book it’s a self awareness book . –Arlieth

Everyone needs a great story and you’re about to start writing yours!

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