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Keys to a Happy Life & Partner

This is a “must have” book for any woman wanting and willing to understand what motivates and drives a man.

It is definitely for women who do not want to be a divorce statistic.

We really do live in different worlds. Gregg is brutally honest and helpful.

Buy the book and learn to communicate in ways that work. It may sound contradictory but tbis book helped me improve and affirm myself.

You cant find a more pro female author than Gregg Michaelson.

Get This Book!

Loved it. It was so insightful. I was able to see what I have been doing wrong in my past relationships and was able to understand their point of view from a wholeee different perspective.

I told 2 of my exes about it and they felt happy that I finally, even though too late, realized and understood them. If you want to jump into guys mind and see thigs from their perspective and not be puzzled like I was you should read it, is money well spent, you wont regret it.

I told a friend of mine about it and she also loved it.

By reading it you will become a better version of you, more empathetic and understanding of men, because, lets face it, they are very different from us, and so far I have seen that everything his says is actually true.

All Help No Hype

Straight talk from a man about men!!

Did Gregg defect and betray his fellow man?

I don’t think so.

By bridging the gap in communication styles and thought processes, he is a catalyst for both sexes getting the happy ending they long for.

Amazing Must Read!


This book will change everything you know about men.

Knowledge is power and in this case makes EVERYONE happy.

Men want to be understood as we do. Why not you be the one to start?

Make him happy, and you will be happy.

Be the change you want to see.


Get the Man Mode infographic and decode interactions between men and women once and for all. To the left is just one segment of the infographic and already, you can begin to see how a typical interaction often plays out in a man’s head. 

This infographic is one you’ll want to keep handy! In addition to what you see to the left, you’ll learn:

  • How to react to different situations in order to get the outcome you desire
  • How to change your responses to day-to-day incidents in order to let him know you care and want to be there for him without smothering
  • How to stop begging him to do things and get him to volunteer
  • What Perceived Freedom is and why it’s so important

Man Mode isn’t trickery or manipulation. It’s learning to communicate with a man, like a man, so he understands what it is you want from him. He will willingly be your best friend and confidant if you communicate on the same level.


You may read that heading and wonder why it is that you’re the one who needs to change. You aren’t. I write for men too and I tell them the same things. The difference is that you’re more likely to implement things faster and better, so it’s more effective for me to work with you!

10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men is about learning how the male mind works. You can’t possibly know this because you’re a female. Only a man can tell you how the male mind works and I’m your guy. 

When women develop this understanding of the male mind, their whole world opens up. This isn’t just about your personal relationships with men, but all your relationships with men. This book bridges the communication gap between men and women in a way that is enlightening and fun.

You’ll learn:

  • Why men are less communicative than women
  • Why men are less likely to show their emotions 
  • How to turn too many guys’ nights out into just enough
  • Why he needs to retreat from you when he’s battling something difficult
  • Much. Much. More


Yes, I'm a guy, but that's where your source of power comes from! I approach dating from the male perspective, helping you know what men are thinking!

You've been listening to your girlfriends, your mom and your sisters and where has it gotten you so far?
Failed relationships, frustration and loneliness, right? And you're sick of it!
Women talk to me every day and they know what you have yet to learn...my advice works!
I know what men want to hear from you and I tell you what that is!
Each weekend, I go out and find women just like you. I sit with them, I text their boyfriends for them and I tell them which guys in the room they should go after, then I coach them on how to do it. Every day, I hear from women who are widows and those just out of long-term relationships. I help them all!
They leave happy, amazed and ready for love!
I've survived being the youngest of four kids with three older sisters.
I have seen heartbreak first hand and I've experienced heartbreak first hand in my own relationships.
I know what I wish my girlfriends would have said and done. I know why it didn't work. I've done the research and now, I'm bringing it to you.
I'm here for you.
You motivate me!

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