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Think You Understand Guys?
Explore the Different Types of Men!

I have Decoded men for you – one type at a time!

In To Date a Man You Must Understand a Man, I decode men in general, but in my new book, the sequel to To Date a Man, I take different types of men and talk more about their traits, their likes and dislikes, pros and cons of dating them, and whether or not they’re even datable at all (hint: some aren’t).

Different Types of Men | It’s not all about the men

I also talk a bit about a few different types of women, and how they match up to the different man types. This will help you know which type of guy you should go after for a great match!

The “Why” of dating the wrong types

Understand why people date the wrong types for them, men and women, we’re both guilty. Then, understand these traps before you fall into them again!

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This book is filled with interactivity! I am including some great infographics and videos to bring this book to life for you! No more page-after-page of text, text, text. Click links and images within the book to be led to more information! Infographics that help bring the information to life, videos that tell of success stories or provide more detailed information are scattered throughout the book!

It’s YOUR Book!

This book was requested by you, and it will be written, in the future, by you! Only women who purchase the book will have this option! Add your story to this book by clicking a link found inside the book. Share your story of a type of man included, or one that isn’t included! Tell other women how you dealt successfully, or not so successfully, with that type of guy, and be part of the story!

I will update the book with your stories. There’s no telling how big this book could become!

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