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Learn 5 Simple Steps
  • Have him at “Hello”
  • Kryptonite will have him begging to be your boyfriend
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Attract, Keep and Dismiss
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Written by a Man for Women
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Finally, a man has laid it all out for women…no holds barred! Thanks Gregg!” –Amber

This book is a great read for women who have ever been confused by why a man never seems to stick around. The answers are all right here in this book. While it is short, this book is right on point.

Gregg does a great job of explaining what we can do, as women, to make sure a man will stay attentive and interested in us.
I especially liked the chapter on why it is so important for a woman to have friends of her own, and NOT make her entire social life revolve around her guy. Ladies, it’s so important to spend time with your friends. Gregg does a great job of explaining what goes through a man’s mind when you are out with your gal pals, and how you can make it work to your advantage to keep a guy interested in you!

He also takes the time to give you a no nonsense answers to why men behave the way they do in a relationship. He flat out tells you how to solve the most common relationship woes women have with their men. Make sure though, that if you try these things, you are doing it for the right reasons, and not to just be manipulative and controlling. Otherwise it won’t work. Guys don’t want that. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a man’s head, this book is a great example of how men: think, view women, the world and relationships in general.

If you think your man is getting bored with you, and you want him to pursue you and show interest like he did in the beginning, this is the book that will tell you how to get what you want. If you see a man you think you want, Gregg tells you how to get him to be interested in you. ANY man can be yours, if you play your cards right!” –Jewels