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When was the last time you lived like you had no tomorrow? When did you last throw caution to the wind and say “What the heck! I’m doin’ it!” to something a little risky or something you’ve feared?

It’s Time! Today!

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to look back on my life in another 40 years and have a lot of statements which begin with “I wish I had…”. No! I want to know I lived the life I wanted to live! A carefully planned life which includes not only facing my fears but achieving my goals! No regrets!

What if this is your last day?

None of us know when our last day on earth will be. What if you knew this is your last day? Would you spend it working 20 out of the 24 hours you have left? Would you spend it counting your money or bragging about your fancy car or big house? No! You’d live it to the fullest! I can’t tell you what that means to you – it means something different to everyone.

What does this mean to you?

For many of us, we haven’t examined what this means. In a 2002 movie, Life or Something Like It, Angelina Jolie plays a TV reporter who, while interviewing a psychic, is told she is about to die and her life is meaningless. This, of course, sets her on a course to live a different life in her few remaining days (once she’s done freaking out!).

For you, living like you’re dying may mean spending more time with friends or family. It may mean taking that hot air balloon ride you’ve always wanted to take or going hiking in the mountains. It might mean sitting home with your significant other, just enjoying one another’s company.

My point is this – we live as if we have an infinite number of days left. If we squander today, what’s the big deal? Live like You’re Dying takes this thought process to a new level and helps you organize your thoughts and your life into something where you have no regrets!