Who is She? Who Should She Date? How do You Become One?


Whether you’re already an alpha female or you strive to become an alpha female, this workbook will help you make your next dream come true!

The title states it clearly enough – How to Set Life-Changing Goals. It’s fine to dream. Dream of a great relationship with an awesome guy. Dream of that big vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Dream of the car you’ve wanted since you learned how to drive. Dream of the big house or high-rise apartment in the city of your dreams.

But dreaming isn’t doing and you’ll never get there without setting goals! That’s why they’re called life-changing goals. The goals you set, even if they’re small, change the course of your life in ways you can’t imagine!

As an alpha, you’re driven to achieve, but drive isn’t know-how. Learn everything you need to know with this free workbook, yours inside the book!


Alpha women come to me and tell me stories about dating men who are intimidated by them or men who want to dominate them. They come to me after giving up on ever finding love. That’s what inspired me to write this book.

It’s time for alpha women to understand that they can find love. You can find a man who won’t feel emasculated by you or want to dominate you. This book provides you with the tools you need to date the right kind of guy for you.

First, you’ll answer the question: what is the alpha female? Then, you’ll learn how the traits you possess are positives, not negatives as you’ve been made to believe. After that, you’ll learn how to build your confidence. The thing about confidence that many people don’t understand is that you can have high confidence in one area of your life and low confidence in another.

Confidence is your ability to believe you can do something. Your dating confidence needs a boost and that’s what you’ll get!

After that, you’ll learn about two types of men – the alpha and the beta. Both are suitable partners for you, but there are a few caveats about an alpha woman dating an alpha man, so be sure to read that part carefully!

Finally, you’ll wrap up by learning how to enjoy a successful relationship with either type of man.

This book is for every woman who thinks she can’t have a guy because she’s a leader. If you’re a woman in a high-power job who has been let down by man after man, this book is for you. It’s for you if you’ve given up on love because men are intimidated by you.

It’s for you if you’ve had enough of dating men who don’t understand you!


Yes, I'm a guy, but that's where your source of power comes from! I approach dating from the male perspective, helping you know what men are thinking!

You've been listening to your girlfriends, your mom and your sisters and where has it gotten you so far?
Failed relationships, frustration and loneliness, right? And you're sick of it!
Women talk to me every day and they know what you have yet to learn...my advice works!
I know what men want to hear from you and I tell you what that is!
Each weekend, I go out and find women just like you. I sit with them, I text their boyfriends for them and I tell them which guys in the room they should go after, then I coach them on how to do it. Every day, I hear from women who are widows and those just out of long-term relationships. I help them all!
They leave happy, amazed and ready for love!
I've survived being the youngest of four kids with three older sisters.
I have seen heartbreak first hand and I've experienced heartbreak first hand in my own relationships.
I know what I wish my girlfriends would have said and done. I know why it didn't work. I've done the research and now, I'm bringing it to you.
I'm here for you.
You motivate me!

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