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Surviving the Teen Years is No Small Task!

Fragile Self-Esteem Takes Hit After Hit

Teens can feel pretty badly beaten up by the time they graduate from high school, especially if they don’t feel they fell into the ‘right’ group. Feeling like an outsider sucks! I know that, if I can get to teens before they reach adulthood, I can work the magic they need to enter their adult years feeling capable and ready for success!

Winning the Game of Teen Life: A Teenager's Survival Guide
With over 250K books sold, Gregg Michaelsen dominates the dating advice world by offering easy-to-follow, game-changing advice. Just read the reviews above!

This book is an essential read for every teen and is written for both teen boys and girls! We’ll look at how to deal with bullying and why others bully to begin with – you may be surprised to see why. We’ll work on some tools every teen can use to grow their self-esteem for good.

But, we’re not going to stop there! We’re going to learn about the value of taking risks and why you need to do this (carefully, okay?). We will look at managing your time, setting goals and reaching those goals.

If I can help you develop these skills in your teen years, you will be heads and tails above your peers, who will still be trying to figure out how to be the big man on campus, long after they’ve left school, because it’s all they know to make themselves feel good. You’ll have the real feel-good tools!
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