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Did you know that 1/3 to 1/2 of all people are introverts?

You are NOT alone!

You can date successfully AND within your comfort zone!

This book is the only dating book for introverts, written only for women and it will change your life!
You are wonderful just as you are! Guys actually love introverted girls and this book will tell you why. As an introvert, you have some tremendous advantages! Let me teach you how to exploit them!

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I am NOT going to try to change you!

I want to help you understand yourself better so you are able to navigate the dating scene of both introverted and extroverted men. I will help you see possible areas of improvement so you can improve your dating life. I’ll also help you identify places where other introverts hang out. Be Quiet and Date Me  will also:

  • Define an introvert (you might learn a few things about yourself)
  • Help you understand your level of introversion
  • Explain the advantages introverts have when it comes to men
  • Show you how to exploit your advantages to attract men

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The world rewards the loud, obnoxious and annoying extroverts but being an introvert is very powerful!

Stay Yourself AND Attract Quality Men!

“I consider myself to be an introvert at times – the social scene is not usually my thing, but Gregg offers some great advice for meeting and dating great guys. This book is a great confidence boost – much needed for introverts! It’s got practical tips for who to date, how to find him, and what to do once you do. All of this is put in terms that make sense to me and my sometimes anti-social ways. I recommend this book (along with most of Gregg’s other books) for anyone who needs to build their confidence when it comes to dating!”–K.C.

Are YOU ready to use introversion to attract high quality men?

This book is going to:

  • Give you new dating options
  • Show you where to find your future man (and it’s not where you think!)
  • Give you 8 introvert dating ideas that will keep you comfortable
  • Show you how to set boundaries
  • Teach you how to have your introverted needs met by a man
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of dating introverted and extroverted men

This was a very enlightening book. It explained in greater depth what I already knew about myself as an introvert. If you are an introvert, This book has some good tips on using it to your advantage. –DMM

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