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Are You a Teen Girl Struggling to Find Your Identity?

Do You Know a Teen Girl Who Could Use Some Help?

I spend a lot of time helping women build their confidence after suffering through miserable teen years, looking in all the wrong places for their identity. If I can reach women before they’re adults, I know they could lead happier, successful lives and find high value men. That’s why coach Kirbie and I wrote this book.

With over 250K books sold, Gregg Michaelsen dominates the dating advice world by offering easy-to-follow, game-changing advice. Just read the reviews above!

This book goes in-depth, not just about your confidence, but about what’s happening to your body in your teen years. You’ll learn why your self-esteem is where it is right now and what you can do to improve it. Everyone can improve their self-esteem, regardless of where they feel it is right now!

Teens will gain an understanding of why what your peers think really doesn’t matter nearly as much as you think it does. You will also understand that there are many types of intelligence and everyone excels in a different type. This means that just because you don’t get onto the softball team or cheerleading squad doesn’t mean you don’t have your own thing you’re great at – something to be proud of!

We’ll dig into how to cultivate healthy friendships with the people who really are your friends, not those who pretend to be and then go talking about you behind your back. You’ll also learn how to begin making your own decisions in a responsible way, giving your parents the ability to trust you and allow you more responsibility.
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