The Pros and Cons of Dating an Older Man

Are you ready to date an older man? Are you starting to realize men your age are immature? Maybe you’re tired of dates consisting of an all meat pizza and a movie?

I’ve been there so I can tell you exactly what to expect.

Generally speaking older men are more mature. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of immature older men out there because there are! You must beware because dating an older guy who is in the middle of a mid-life melt down will leave you a hot mess!

If he just purchased a yellow corvette – run!

The Pros of Dating an Older Man – Experience and Wisdom

benefits of dating an older man

No jeans around the thighs for this guy!

Yep, he’s got a lot of this. He’s slept with other women so he knows how to please. He’s been to Italy so he can share his thoughts and, oh yeah, he loves cultural experiences so he can take you to see the Blue Man Group followed by dinner!


Jealousy Be Gone

Your older guy has been threatened by other men and he has stood his ground and won. He knows how to defend his turf without punching a man who ogles you in the teeth. That was the old him and he has left the stage.

I was never like that…OK I’m lying ?

Seriously though, a quality older guy takes other men who check you out as a compliment, not as a confrontation.

He will also will be happy when you go join your girlfriends because he loves his independence. It gives him time to join his friends and get what he needs from them and vice versa.

Game Free

He says what he means. That’s refreshing! He’s been down the road of game playing and now he doesn’t need to anymore. If he likes you, he will make it clear. If he thinks you are being a brat, he will let you know.

He Oozes Confidence

pros and cons of dating an older man

This guy has confidence!

Yep, that’s me today. When I was 25 I was a dripping, low confidence, a hot mess. I would hide my weaknesses and hope women would never expose them. Now, I know them, I’ve worked on them and women don’t have to rid me of them.

I am healed – hallelujah!

The Cons of Dating an Older Man – He’s Set in His Ways

With high confidence comes a bit of arrogance with some men. They think because they are older, they know more than their younger counterparts. In many cases they do – but to get them to realize that they don’t know everything can get a bit prickly.

I do know everything so dating me will never be an issue!

Exactly…I’m working on this as we speak ?

Viagra Sits in the Drawer

Tips for Dating an Older Man

They’re just vitamins!

This may or may not bother you but it’s reality. ‘Spontaneous sex’ will take 30 minutes. His sexual peak was when he was about 18 – yours is when you’re around 35 so the older a man gets the more he needs the little blue pill to get him going. After 60 it will take an erector set.

No big deal. Thank you, Pfizer.

Social Pressure

Your friends might not like him. In fact, your friends and family might be talking behind your back about your ‘old man.’ He might not be as cool as them because he doesn’t embrace the things that a younger generation embraces.

Young Women and their Dating Problems Go HERE

To me, this becomes part of the fun! I used to take this as a challenge when I dated younger women and I won over a few friends and family members. I failed with others who simply thought I was a dirty old man.

But this is all OK. This is life. People will frown because that’s how they were brought up while others won’t care.

Dating an Older Man – Wrapping Up

It’s OK to try dating an older man. Try it on for size and see if it works for you. I have dealt with many couples 20 years apart and they are very happy. Others did not work out but they tried and they are better for the experience.

The key is to have the confidence to do it without caring what others think! I wasn’t supposed to be a writer, I wasn’t supposed to be a dating coach according to others but I am! I bet you have been down the same path where naysayers told you how you should live.

Where IS the manual on understanding men in relationships?


The title says it all! To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man

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