Hi Ladies, Gregg here and today I need to talk to you about affirmations for success!


Affirmations once had a bad rap. I remember an old Saturday Night Live skit with Al Franken where he looked in the mirror and stated; “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.” Then, years later, the science behind affirmations started to seep through. Today, they are one of the most powerful tool I use to succeed in my goals.


Affirmations can make you feel silly at first but do NOT underestimate the power of them. I do them myself and have helped hundreds of women, some with serious issues, change their lives JUST by using affirmations.

Many people say bad things about themselves hundred’s of times per day and, unless they counter these thoughts, the negativity slowly poisons them.


Remember, you didn’t say these bad things when you were a little kid did you? No. Society, our parents, our failed relationships etc. etc, told our brains we are bad people and it’s our fault.


And we believed it.


Let’s replace these negative thoughts with positive ones! If you tell yourself good stuff all day long, every day, for about 33-66 days, your brain will start to believe it, just like it believed the bad stuff and BAM, negative Nelly will be dead and you will jumping for joy.


The brain has no choice but to believe what you tell it to believe…this ain’t hocus pocus – THIS WORKS!!!


The mirror is where it all happens for most people, especially women. The mirror is the conduit for the negativity. Every time you see yourself in the reflection, the negativity starts. That’s why written, positive, notes on your mirror are critical! “I can love”, “I can commit.” Whatever suits you, say it.


You won’t believe it at first but that is OK – SAY IT!!


Then move away from the mirror, for 10 minutes, 15 minutes and keep saying the positive thought – the affirmation. You will find your bad thoughts slowly return – that’s normal and okay. Go farther and farther from the mirror until you can stay positive for 1/2 of a day and then 1 full day.


I named my evil voices – Burt (the parrot) and Ernie (the lizard who eats parrots)! Burt was my bad voice who sat on my left shoulder spewing crap and stomping out my dreams.


Suddenly, and purposely, Ernie appeared as my positive voice to save the day on my right shoulder. They did battle! It was silly, stupid, and funny! I found I was talking to myself out loud all day but who cares – I did it anyway.


Then, after 3 weeks, it all stopped because Burt could not take it anymore and he croaked! And WOW, how free I was that day – I will never forget it.


So if you want to learn more and see how Affirmations will work for you, please read my book Comfortable In Your Own Shoes.


I even made a free eGuide to help my wonderful readers like you, Own Your Tomorrow: Gregg’s 20 Confidence Building Tips

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