Some Women may Benefit from an NSA Relationship – Here’s Why

NSA relationship means ‘no strings attached’ in case you didn’t know.

We all have heard the reasons that NSA relationship don’t work, but I want to throw a stick in the spokes and see if I can get you to consider another side.

A side that might help you find true love later.

You see, if you are confident enough going into an NSA relationship, you can come out with new skills that will help you find your Mr. Right if that is your ultimate goal.

Of course, you need to follow some rules as I will explain throughout this article.

8 Reasons to Consider an NSA Relationship

You’re back on the dating scene and you just want a breathing man

Let’s say you just got out of a sexless marriage where every day for the last five years was a chore.

You’re lonely. You want to live a little. You want to feel like a horny kid at the prom again!

I get it and this is where an NSA relationship can help you out. There is no need to screen 500 guys looking for the perfect man – you just want a pizza date and a dick.

I would encourage you to find a guy in a similar circumstance for your first fling. Talk about it. Share your feelings. You can even talk about about your ex – something you should never do with a man you really care for.

He’s a free therapist

Like I said, talking openly to a person (your new NSA lover) who is in the same position can get your feelings out on the table for free! None of this $150 per hour crap spouting off to a person who has never been through this and doesn’t give one poop.

nsa meaning

Free therapy from your lover

I digress…

Seriously, this might help you see where you went wrong in choosing your ex or help you see the mistakes that you made that could have changed the outcome.

Mr. NSA relationship man will share his feelings too. Feelings from a man’s perspective. Both of you can glean valuable information to use in the future.

You can have sex in an elevator!

Yes, isn’t that great! And in an airplane and even at the beach – watch out for the sand though. No need to say anything more!

You can piss him off

Know that he can piss you off too but isn’t this great? If he calls, you can call him back in an hour, or just for fun, why not call him back in a month!

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Hell yeah. Then you can sext him (don’t show your face of course) and then show up naked at his door…with flowers. You could even burp in his face after drinking a beer – wouldn’t that be a hoot?

It’s all good because it does not matter. You will feel liberated because you don’t have to answer to anyone, including him.

You’ll have a guy friend to do things with

If you didn’t piss him off with my last point, then you can go out with him, as the friends you are, and do stuff. Stuff that you might not otherwise try with your girlfriends.

Sky dive or go to a car show. It’s difficult to make new friends and you have the benefit of having an NSA relationship and a male friend.

This builds your confidence because you are living outside your comfort zone and having fun.

You learn about men

This is huge. I had the good fortune of growing up with three older sisters, so I learned all about women. That’s why I write for you.

You, on the other hand, might have been an only child or only had sisters. This NSA relationship will allow you to try new things and experiment on him like a guinea pig in your lab. You can ask him how he feels, and he will tell you because he knows there will be no repercussions.

This becomes an amazing opportunity to learn the inner workings of the male mind!

You can ask for whatever you want

NSA Relationship

Roller blades? Why not?

Push those sexual limits! Since there are no repercussions why not live out your deepest fantasy?  Or try at least. If he thinks it’s odd that you want to have sex on roller blades, with an albino goat in the room – who cares!!??

NSA tip: Don’t hang out after sex. Grab your clothes and leave. If he is at your place, send his ass packing. This is the time when things can go downhill if you are not careful.

You can embrace the single life

Newsflash! Some people want to stay single. You would never know this because of the pressures of society but guess what? Staying single can rock!

I was single for most of my life so I know, and sometimes miss, the advantages of being single.

So, an NSA relationship can fill the void of having a man in your life. It’s like a quasi-husband when you need him. “Yo Joe, can you come over and tune up my BMW and give me a tune too?!”


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NSA Relationships Conclusion

NSA relationships work because you go into them without attachment or any real emotions. Therefore, they tend to last a longtime because you can be apart for long periods of time.

This makes you miss the sex and the fun. This also keeps each other’s idiosyncrasies from driving the other person crazy.

Every time you see each other is like a first date. And when you have seen too much of each other – you just disappear. Try that in a conventional relationship!

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