First Impressions Matter

In Chapter Two of my new book, Night Moves, you discover that first impressions matter! To gain the attention of a great man, you must first stand out, but how do you do that without attracting the wrong men?

Unfortunately, some women have everything going for them except a high enough confidence level. When I go out with my friends, I can see exactly who they are. They’re the women who try to use sex appeal instead of their intellect and sense of humor to snag a guy.

These women, not all of them young, show up wearing what they think will appeal to men. The short skirts that are so short they’re half-mooning the entire place border on ridiculous, as do the tight pants and low-cut tops. To complete the outfit, they wear six-inch heels that turn them into a statuesque pedestal of sex.

While women think this makes a great impression, the truth is that you’re drawing in the wrong kind of guy. An outfit like this screams, “Hey, I have no confidence in my ability to attract you with anything other than my body, so here you are!”

You just made a lousy first impression on every confident man in the room, and that’s the guy you should be going after! But instead, you’ll attract every player and loser. Is that what you want? If you’re going for a hookup, you dressed appropriately, but if you wanted to make a great first impression with Mr. Right, you struck out.

Don’t Go Too Far the Other Way

I’m not suggesting you wear a blouse buttoned to your chin and a dumpy skirt. Instead, strike a balance between style and mystery.

A man is more intrigued by what he doesn’t see than what he does. Men like to use their imaginations and can’t do that if you give them a free show.

Develop your style and use it. If you’re comfortable in a pencil skirt and silky blouse, wear it, but if your style is tie-dye and Birkenstocks, go for it. Your ability to express your style is directly related to your confidence level.

Dressing comfortably trumps a peep show every time. How comfortable can it be to constantly tug your skirt down or wish you could unbutton your pants because they’re too tight?

Your goal is subtle intrigue. Wear your bangs so they swoop across one eye, flash a coy smile, and strut across the room like you own the place. Wear clothing that accentuates your best features but doesn’t give away your assets.

Let men wonder what’s beyond those buttons and zippers. You’d be surprised at how little it takes to get a man’s mind to wander. You stand out by not dressing like all the other women there.

Men see two types of women. The rest stops, or the women they can have sex with tonight, and the keepers, or the women they want to have a relationship with. Those who are flashing their bottoms and breasts are quickly labeled as the rest stops, while those who stand out are the keepers.

It isn’t that men don’t notice the women in the revealing clothes; it’s that she quickly becomes a woman with one use – sex.

First Impressions | The Choice is Yours

Now that you know how men perceive you, you can make a choice. If you’re simply looking for an NSA relationship, wear what you like, but if your goal is to find a man who could be the one, I encourage you to give your look a second thought. Be mysterious and confident. The players will fish somewhere else, and the confident men will approach!

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