The science of love exists! I have spent my years studying relationships and the behaviors within those relationships but I always wanted to know the science behind what triggers love. Kirbie, my trusted assistant and fellow coach and I went digging!

We found some incredible stuff!

There are strategies and tactics that you can perform to increase the odds of getting a man to fall in love with you. We’re talking total strangers and not just someone you already know.

For example did you know there is a dance which must take place for a new relationship to even have a chance? This dance consists of five steps, each of which must be followed in order, if the pair is to leave with plans to meet again.

The exciting part? You can control this dance. You can make sure the 5 steps happen! This gives you an incredible advantage when it comes to getting this man to feel he is falling in love with you. The best part is that he will most likely believe he was the one who put the moves on you!

One of the five steps is called synchronization. Synchronization occurs when he sips his drink and then you do. You look to your left at someone laughing and then he does. This must happen and often times it happens on a subconscious level without either party even knowing it…

But now you know and you can make it happen. This triggers the chemical release necessary to get him to fall in love with you. You set the wheels of love in motion!the science of love


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