Male Behaviors are Not as Complex as Women Think!

Every day, I answer questions about male behaviors, and yesterday, a reader asked why men want what they can’t have. She wondered why I recommended that she stop pursuing her guy so he would chase her.

To find this answer, we need to dig into male behaviors.

All men live for the chase, whether chasing an expensive car, a new job, or you. If you throw a stick for Fido, he’ll chase it because it’s in his nature to do so. Men are the same way; it’s in their nature to chase.

If we stick with the dog and stick analogy, the stick represents challenge and mystery. You use those two tactics to entice him to chase you, and you can’t do that if you’re constantly chasing him! He gets confused, just as a dog would if you chased the stick instead of him.

When the two of you are apart, he wonders what you’re doing and with whom. He wonders why you’re not spending time with him and thinks you have more important things in your life. He recognizes the need to try harder if he wants to spend time with you.

Mystery and Challenge

By being busy with your life, you’re creating mystery and challenge. You have thrown the stick, and he’s ready to chase after it.

I know it’s the opposite of what you think you should do, but hear me out.

You’re mysterious and exciting when your social life keeps you busy and you have other things going on. He can’t flash his toothy smile and magically make you appear, and now you’re challenging too!

When he calls at the last minute, you have a valid reason to say no, as well you should. Now, he realizes your time is valuable, and he needs to step up his game, or he’ll be toast. Players won’t make an effort, so this naturally weeds them out. They can get the attention they desire from less confident women.

You can visit dating websites for men and better understand male behaviors.

Understanding Male Behaviors

The answer to understanding male behaviors is so simple that it’s almost ridiculous, yet I spend countless hours convincing women to try this.

Resist your instinct to dote on a guy and nurture him. Avoid the urge to say yes to every date request he throws out there. Instead, let him know you’re busy, even if you aren’t, and suggest a different day and time.

Explore new hobbies or get back into old ones. Find something you’re passionate about and get involved. Not only are these activities good for you, but they’re also great ways to meet new people who share those hobbies and passions.

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