Male Behaviors are not as complex as women think

Yesterday, I had a reader ask me why men want what they can’t have. She asked me why I was telling her to stop the pursuit so her man would chase. Let’s dig into male behaviors in relationships. Chase lives in all men…it’s ingrained in our DNA. If you throw a stick for a dog he will go after it – he can’t help himself. If you have a lot to offer – you are his favorite “stick.” In keeping with my analogy, the stick represents challenge and mystery. You are throwing challenge and mystery to the guy you desire. You can’t do this if you are constantly chasing him. He gets confused just as a dog would if you chased his stick. When you are not available to him, he wonders where you are and what you are doing. He wonders why you are not interested in him. He starts thinking you have more important things in your life and he realizes that he must try harder if he is to see you. Challenge and Mystery have been created. You have thrown him his stick! Having a vibrant social life with a ton of things to do makes you mysterious to him and all these activities make you interesting by default. The fact that he can’t wave his magic smile and land you forces challenge upon him. You can’t fake this and why would you want to? Now, when he calls you last minute, you have a reason to say no. He subsequently realizes your time is important to you and he had better step up his game or he will be toast. The players won’t make the effort because they have easier prey to conquer so they stop pursuing you. This is GOOD! You now have the perfect self-defense mechanism against assholes. Visit dating websites for men and get a better understanding of male behaviors. See how this works? It’s so simple it’s almost ridiculous and yet I spend countless hours trying to convince women that the key to getting any quality guy they want, without any games, lies right in front of them! Pursue the hobbies you love so you enjoy life and watch how your confidence grows, your social life expands, and you become the favorite stick of every guy that meets you!! Throw the stick! And watch the magic happen:) I can go on and on about male behaviors. It would behoove you to find out more in my book 10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men!

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