I write a lot of books and I answer a ton of questions. I thank some of you individually for reading my books and asking me questions. I try my best to make myself available to everyone. There is nothing worse than “feeling like a number” or feeling like someone is trying to take your money. But I have never said thank you in a blog. Thank you everyone!!! I wake up in the morning, make my coffee, irritate my VA, and open my emails…and I get lots of emails! Some are happy emails, some sad emails, I get desperate emails, and I even get emails from people that are literally on the edge. I answer them all! I even answer emails (when I’m not supposed to) from women that are severely depressed. I do because I know that I can help. I also realize that I might be her only friend at the time. If a woman can’t afford a book, I know she needs, I give it to her for free. I realize that it can potentially help her with her problem. I love every minute of it. Why? There is simply no better feeling in the world than when one of you tell me that I changed your life for the better! It makes it all worth it. So for 2018 I say bring it on! Keep emailing me so I can keep writing and answering the personal questions that you want answered. Tell me when I’m spot on and correct me when I’m missing the point – it’s all good and its how I get better. Remember, I learn as much from you as you learn from me and that’s what makes our relationship so awesome! Let’s all start with a new affirmation for 2018 – “I am worthy of love.” I will say it every day and it would be great if you said it too. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and God bless you!! Gregg

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