How will you welcome in the New Year? Will you do the same things that didn’t work last year,  or will you change things? They say insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

So, will you continue choosing and dating the wrong type of man? Will you take in strays who should be left outside? Will you let men decide your happiness?

Or will you welcome in the new year by saying enough is enough!

I think it’s time for you. Yes, you. I’ve got two types of readers – those who do the work and those who read the words but don’t do anything different. Which will you be this year?

Great Ways to Welcome in the New Year

  • Get to the gym; not for one month, for good!
  • Eat right, not for one month, forever!
  • Brainstorm new hobbies and choose one or two
  • De-clutter your life by getting rid of the people who bring you down!
  • De-clutter your home of the material things you never use
  • Enjoy nature; there’s nothing more calming and healing

These are just the basics. Look at your job and your career. Is it time for a change?

I make myself feel better by changing my routine. Our nature is to find routines and stick with them, but I say fight it! Instead of doing the same thing in the same place at the same time every day, change something. Heck, change everything!

This isn’t rocket science, and I’m not telling you anything revolutionary. I know that. But if only one person decides to listen to me, they will be rewarded for the rest of their life.

How Will You Welcome in the New Year?

You have spoken, and I am writing. I will welcome in the new year by writing a book you’ve requested on how to get over a breakup. That’s different for me and will require me to research and learn something new! I, too will be changing my routine!

How will you welcome in the New Year?

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