This is my funny story about reaching a goal.

“Gregg You’re Fat and Ugly!” True story! In January I got a nasty email from a woman calling me fat and ugly. I will call her Jill. She hadn’t read any of my books, I don’t believe, she just emailed me saying I was fat and ugly! I contacted her back after my assistant Kirbie warned me not to. I couldn’t help myself though. I wasn’t fat. I wasn’t thin, but I was in excellent shape from doing P90X – my favorite (and extreme) workout of choice. I told Jill that I can’t do anything about my looks but I could prove to her that I am in very good shape. I told her that I would send her a video of me doing 25 chin-ups, followed by 50 pushups. That’s not easy for a 50+ year old guy! That’s not easy for an 18 year old guy. To Jill’s credit, she emailed me back saying that I was brave to email her but just because I could do those exercises didn’t mean that I wasn’t still fat. She didn’t mention my ugliness!! So that was the end of our emails. Then she got me thinking. I should be thinner. I’m 5 foot 9 and my weight, according to the charts, should be 170 lbs and I was 196. I had big arms and shoulders but I had a little paunch. So you know what? I decided maybe Jill was right! Here is where this gets good! I want to use my story to help you because so many of us have a hard time losing weight and taking criticism. My goal was to lose 25 lbs in 2 months. I take what I want to accomplish and plug into my system: Goal: Lose 25 lbs. in 2 months! How? Nutrisystem. My Mom used it with success and I don’t have to cook Why? My knee is killing me and this should help. Plus I want to look better and lose the gut. I will have more energy and I will have ripped abs when I hit Florida! When: Start Jan.15th when my food arrives and weigh 170 by March 15th Affirmation: “It feels great to be 170 lbs. again!” I have a few more steps but you get the gist. BAM! I still weigh 168 this morning! What’s your point Gregg? My point is not blow sunshine up my own butt, but this:

Instead of being hurt by what someone says, use their words as your motivation to better yourself!

I could have gotten angry and upset at Jill but I chose not to. Confident people take negative energy, turn it positive, and use it for their own gain. The ultimate way of getting even is to show the world (Jill in my case) that their words motivated you, and then do it! The more negative stuff I hear the better!!
  • I was told never to start my own construction business. DONE
  • I was laughed at when I pursued being a dating coach. DONE√
  • They laughed at me writing books to help people dating. DONE√
  • I was told I was fat. DONE√
  • Gregg, you will never camp out on Mars (Ok, this could be more difficult)
This afternoon I am working on my ugliness…I put a bag over my head and emailed Jill…hahaha! So if I can do it, so can you!! Oh I almost forgot…thank you Jill 🙂 If you want my goal setting system, you can get here for the price of a large coffee: How to Accomplish Any Goal

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