The first two-thirds of 2020 has made dating a difficult challenge for most people and, for that matter, for guys like me who want to help single women find great men. First, it was one of the worst flu seasons on record, and then COVID-19 invaded.

My hope is that the worst is behind us and because of that, I want to help you prepare yourself to get back into the dating scene!

Every spring, I start a dedicated workout with P90X, which takes 90 days. This gives me three months to get myself back in shape.

In much the same way, it’s time to get you back into shape – and not just your body, but your mind too. In order to hit the dating scene running, you’ll need to do a little prep work and I have just the program!

When writing my best-selling book, Comfortable in Your Own Shoes, I focused on providing women with a confidence-building guide specifically directed at them.

Today, I’d like to give you that book for free!

This book will help you understand more about:

  • Self-love and self-care
  • Changing the negative words that you silently say to yourself every day into positives
  • Getting back out there (safely of course) and taking some risks


This is the time to build your confidence while we’re still somewhat sequestered from the virus.

Affirmations, visualization, desensitization, goal setting and meditation are five things that will help you get to that ready to date place!

Are these 5 words foreign to you? They are for many people. My dad taught me how to use these tools as a kid and they work!

Folding these activities into your life won’t be drudgery – it will be fun! Especially if you stick with me! I love injecting fun into most things.

And, when I add some insight into the male brain, you’ll be more than ready to get out there and meet the man of your dreams.

So, if you are ready to prepare, I’ve got the tools to get you started. And to show you that I am serious.

To get your free book, just click the button below!

I’m ready to get back out there with you – are you ready????

Knowing how to not date a jerk includes embracing your single life and taking the time to become a confident, independent woman. Riding Solo, a book written specifically for women who want to do just that, walks you through overcoming the stigma of being single on to becoming that independent, confident woman. This places you in the best possible position to find and date wonderful, great men who are not jerks.

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