Free Relationship Advice for Women

Free relationship advice is essential for you whether you’re new or returning to the dating scene. For example, how do you flirt? What do you text a guy? How do you craft an online dating profile?

Or the big one, Why Can’t I Find Love?

If we haven’t talked before, my name is Gregg and I provide paid and free relationship advice for women. Additionally, I’m a dating coach and author of multiple best-selling books resulting in more than a quarter of a million women benefit from my advice.

Because of this, I know I can help you with any dating or relationship advice you need!

Big deal, right? You can get free relationship advice anywhere. For instance, pick any online forum.

Well, yes and no. While there is an abundance of free advice out there, most of it doesn’t work because it’s unrealistic. For example, how can you make a great first impression with a guy without building a foundation of self-esteem? Or, how can you be sure a man isn’t a player without the skills to understand the male mind?

Not only am I a dating coach, but I am also a life coach. My dad was a life coach before it was a thing. Because of that, I was given five tools at a very early age. Now, I would like to share these tools with you. They are affirmations, meditation, goal setting, visualization, and desensitization.

These Five Tools Will Change Your Life!

Any pro can give you free relationship advice. But what good is it if you can’t execute it because you don’t believe in yourself enough to try?

It’s no good!

“Hey Lisa, go over to that tall, attractive man and engage him in stimulating conversation. Then, get his number and ask him to go out!”

Good luck.

Too many women rely on a man for their happiness and this is putting the cart before the horse. Therefore I encourage you not to think about relationships in this way!

Instead, Build Yourself and He Will Come!

It’s not just my tagline or motto. It’s the key component for you to find and keep a great guy. These five words are the keys to acquiring that elusive prize called happiness.

Therefore, you don’t just need free relationship advice. You also need a life coach who’s in your corner to help you execute the strategies you learn.

free relationship advice

Your Success Truly Begins When You Understand Men

Did you know that men and women love in different ways? Do you know why men get spooked and run when they approach love? Or are you aware of the twelve ingredients that go into every male, sort of like how ingredients go into a chocolate chip cookie?

This isn’t your mom or best friend giving you free relationship advice. I’m a man who understands the male mind like a dog knows how to find a bone buried in the backyard.

Consequently, consulting a male dating and life coach will open doors for you, just like it has for thousands of other women!

My free relationship advice blog ranks in the Feedspot top 50 in the world for 2019.  As a result, the Who Holds the Cards Now blog covers almost every subject under the dating sun. And, this free relationship advice is trending and updated continuously.

Free Relationship Advice for Women

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Paid Relationship Advice Options

Sometimes, you may want relationship advice for your specific situation. In that instance, there are inexpensive paid options. Additionally, you have the option of several full coaching packages or you can ask me one question for $25 dollars. Gregg’s One Question Deal is a great option! I answer your question within 24 hours privately and nobody but me sees your email.

For Gregg’s One Question Deal, go here: Ask Relationship Advice Anonymously

If you want full coaching, you can go here: Email Coaching

To find free advice, visit the blog here: Free Dating and Relationship Advice

For confidence building, start here: Build Yourself and He Will Come

Learn about my best seller books here: Best Dating Advice Books for Women

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