How to Spice up a Relationship!

Today, we have guest blogger, Maria Parker, who will write about how to spice up a relationship.

There are two types of people in this world. There are those who fall in love and commit for the long haul and those with an unexplainable fear of falling in love. This is also known as philophobia.

Although you might say that only one of those two groups is doing something wrong with their life, think again.

The group that falls in love and commits to the long haul also divides into two subgroups. One thinks, “I never have to worry about love anymore.” The other keeps trying to make their partner happy, just like when they first started dating.

Philophobiacs have problems related to love and many who are in love take that love for granted. They’re left feeling empty and alone in the end.

Without constantly putting in effort and trying hard, you can’t have a happy relationship. Even the best ones came crashing down for one reason only – a routine that turns into boredom. Where there is no excitement, the passion fades away.

If you’ve been in long-term relationships, you know what I’m talking about. After that much time spent together, you think there isn’t much you can do to spice things up. Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

There are a lot of things you can do, things that haven’t crossed your mind because they are so simple, yet they work like a charm.

How can you help your relationship get back on the right track, and improve yourself while you’re at it?

Put More Effort Into the Way You Look

One way to spice up a relationship is by modifying your look! What you wear is how you feel. You don’t need to be dressed up all the time, but don’t hang out in your sweatpants and t-shirts. It will ruin your self-esteem sooner or later, not to mention how your partner perceives you.

Try something else from time to time. Slip into something sexier, do something different with your hair and put some effort into sweeping your partner off his feet.

Oil Can be Your Best Friend

When talking about routine and boredom in long-term relationships, you can’t avoid talking about sex. When sex becomes boring, your relationship is really coming to an end. To prevent this from happening or if it’s already happening, use oil – it can be a relationship saver.

If for some reason, you aren’t having sex, offer your partner a romantic massage with oil. This will turn from just a relaxing massage into wild sex in a matter of minutes. I told you already and I’m going to tell you again – oil is your best friend.

spice up your relationship

Technology is Distracting You

I know, the season finale of GOT is approaching and you’d rather watch TV than snuggle with your partner. Well, keep one thing in mind: after your partner leaves you, you’ll have plenty of time to watch TV if that’s what you want.

TV in your room – not a good idea. The chances are you’re going to fall asleep, leaving your partner unsatisfied, which increases the chance of your relationship crashing like a house of cards.

Spice Up a Relationship | Play Exciting Games

Have you ever tried playing “never have I ever” questions? Despite the fact you think you know everything about your partner, playing this game will prove otherwise. There are sure to be a few things you didn’t know.

On the plus side, you can turn this game into a great sex tool. Use your sexual fantasies and your wildest wishes – who knows, maybe they’ll come true.

Do Something You’re Too Old For

Do something you always wanted to do, but do it with your partner. Is it a concert you’ve been dying to go to ever since you were in high school, or maybe you wanted to get a tattoo? Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to do it.

The trick is, you have to do it with your partner. You have to share that experience with him. That experience will serve as a bonding tool between you – something that will bring change and excitement into your relationship.

Five Causes for a Stale Relationship and How to Spice it Up

How to Spice up a Relationship

As you may have noticed, learning how to spice up a relationship is all about changing things up and knocking the two of you out of routine and boredom. While it’s easy to slip into those routines, it’s also easy to change things up a bit. It’s not just good for your relationship, but it’s good for you too. Our minds work better when we hop out of our routines.

So do it for yourself, or do it for your relationship, but try these tips on how to spice up a relationship and watch your relationship soar.

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