The #1 Online Dating Profile Tip: Go for a Man’s Senses!

Writing an online dating profile makes men and women alike run for the hills. It’s unnatural to talk so much about yourself, and even harder to do so in a way that appeals to the opposite sex! Let me tell you a little secret about men and dating profiles: we read most profiles for about 5 seconds and then we throw up.

You give us the dreaded list. UGH!

“I like ice cream, I like to cook and I’m into animals.”

Great, next!?!

The ‘list’ wording does nothing for men except push us to the next profile. Instead of reciting a list, lead us through your profile by our senses so we can make a connection with you. We are cave men. We need happy images to be painted on the limestone walls. Emotions? Save those for your girlfriends.

Instead of the list, try this:

I’m a simple girl who loves chocolate chip ice cream loaded with jimmies. Of course, I save that last bite for my white lab, Bernie! I also make a mean HOT chocolate chip cookie and an extraordinary taco. You? I will need you to man the grill and slather some bbq sauce on the pork chops – propane freaks me out!

See the difference? Now, you have men drooling for ice cream, imagining a big happy white lab wagging his tail and grilling mouthwatering pig parts for you!

Sign me up with this girl!

I will guarantee you will get double the hits from guys if you change your online dating profile to read more like the one above. The bonus?

This type of profile weeds out the creeps. They are not going prey on a woman like this. Creepers want a wounded woman – one who will take any man – and their boring online profile makes them stand out. This also saves you from writing negative crap that makes you sound like a buzzkill.

Please don’t contact me if just want a hook up, I will not respond.  Buzzkill.

Want more online dating tips for women?

online dating tips for women

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