Young Women and Their Dating Choices

I’m down in Delray Beach Florida for 2 weeks and I am meeting up with a lot of spring breakers and women in their mid-twenties. I wanted to learn more about young women and their dating choices. I am hearing a constant theme as they discuss their dating issues.

Young men have very little motivation for anything!

Of course they must be generalizing, or at least I hope they are! As they brought me along through the night, “Uncle Gregg”, I started to believe them more and more. Guys were being rude, showing little respect and looking solely to hook-up. They would lie about almost anything to get what they wanted. I know this is spring break to some, but many women were in their mid-twenties, out of college, pursuing their careers and facing the same problem. The few men who were respectful and “datable” were quite a bit older, in their late twenties and early thirties.

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I was aware of this decline. I believe it has a lot to do with technology and the ease of GPS to spot a woman with a nice ass a mile away – it’s crazy!

I asked over and over, to the women who really wanted a real man in their life, where they were meeting them. They said “at bars”, where else?”

I then went into my rant about how trying to find a man who wants a relationship at a bar is akin to lying in the Florida sun all day without lotion – you’re gonna get burned!!

Young Women and Their Dating Choices

My 2 step plan is better!

1) Start early and develop your story in life.
What’s it going to be? How will you be defined? What will you be exceptional at? Create your vision by brainstorming 50-100 pursuits that you always wanted to do – a bucket list in your twenties. Then, pick 5 and do them! If you are thirty or forty do the same thing! Heck, if you are fifty or sixty, start now!

Here is where you will meet that guy of dreams or at least have a much better chance of doing it. The wonderful bonus is that you might find your future career choice!  At the very least you will have fun and meet some new friends.

2) Date a few years older.
I found if women meet and date guys a few years older, say 5 years, they will find a better pool of datable men. Guys seem to hang on to their college years much longer than women. But to do this, women must hang out at places where they can find older men, which brings me back to my point above.

Almost every woman I said this to agreed, but out of about thirty, only two were actually meeting men outside of bars and being more constructive in their lives.

I realize 21 year olds are just having fun – I get that. Heck, I love bars too. But in the next year or two, these women will graduate and head into real adult life. I wonder how many will heed my advice and slow down the partying and set a more positive and fulfilling course in life.

Regardless, I’m headed back out on “The Ave”, as they call it in Delray Beach Florida, to see if I this old man can change some young lives for the better – wish me luck!!

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